Tristan Bowen

Seasoned Pro Footballer Tristan Bowen is Stronger, Wiser and Targeting the New Hometown Team

Tristan Bowen is a professional footballer who has played in multiple leagues around the world including the United States U-18 and U-20 national teams. Now back home in Los...
alexander wessberg freestyle

Taming the Wild Child: A Conversation With Finnish National Champion Alexander Wessberg

At just 22 years old, Alexander Wessberg has nearly eight years of freestyle experience at the highest level. Although he amassed a reputation as a bit of a wild...
Lauren Sesselmann FTBLR

Urban Spotlight: Pro Footballer and Olympic Medalist Lauren Sesselmann Continues to Redefine Herself

Pro footballer, Olympic medalist, entrepreneur, trainer, designer, model — the list of titles and accolades are long and impressive for the multi-talented Lauren Sesselmann, who continues to carve out...

Street Football and Freestyle Extraordinaire Mohamed Reda Shares His Urban Picks

Anyone remotely involved in the street football or freestyle scenes can tell you about Mohamed "M10" Reda. The 24-year-old Moroccan talent born and raised in Belgium not only has...

For Freestylers, By Freestylers: How Tobias Becs Embraced the Challenges of Creating 4Freestyle

Widely regarded as one of the top freestylers in the game today, Norwegian superstar Tobias Becs owns multiple world records, national championships, and prestigious tournament victories (not to mention...

Denmark’s Jakob Semajer-Garic is a New Kind of Freestyle ‘Wrapper’

At 18 years old, Danish freestyler Jakob Semajer-Garic is a rising star in the uber-talented Scandinavian freestyle scene. Jakob's unique style that incorporates numerous variations of Wraps and V-Stalls...

How Graphic FC Has Turned Into a Leader in the Hot Trend of Concept Kit and Boot Design

The rise of concept kit and boot design is one of the latest trends that has turned into lucrative careers for a select few — some with formal training...

Meet Jasmine Henderson, the Modern Day Renaissance Woman That Exemplifies the Power of Believing in Yourself

What started as a love for the beautiful game has evolved into a list of accomplishments long enough for a lifetime. Los Angeles native Jasmine Henderson has used football...

Players, Fans From Across the World Praying for the Recovery of Young Ajax Star Abdelhak Nouri

After a cardiac arrhythmia caused him to collapse during a preseason match, 20-year-old Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri suffered from permanent and severe brain damage, and Ajax has said that the...

Two-Time Guinness World Record Holder Pradeep Ramesh Has His Goals Set Even Higher

Despite holding two Guinness World Records, Ramesh isn't satisfied and has his goal set on becoming the first Indian Freestyle World Champion. 

King of the Sits: Jak Gregory’s Return to Freestyle

Freestyler Jak Gregory, most known for his iconic sit down style, has been out of the freestyle game since 2010. However, the UK native has made a dramatic return.

Thiago Saltori is Unlike Any Freestyler You’ll Ever Meet

Brazilian veteran freestyler Thiago Saltori is a true original. Whether it’s his unorthodox style or his vast knowledge in Chinese medicine, Saltori has always gone against the grain —...

Skills From Down Under: A One-on-One Conversation with Aussie Futsaler Daniel Cappellaro

When it comes to skills, you either have it or you don't. Australian native Daniel Cappellaro — aka D10 — has got it. We had a chance to talk to the 31-year-old skill fanatic about his experience in futsal and what the future holds for D10.
VLO freestyler

Getting to Know MistaVLO: The Next Scandinavian Superstar

I would prefer to be recognized as a combination of both performer and competitor, but If I had to choose, I am a competitor for sure.
Olivia Moultrie

Urban Spotlight: Olivia Moultrie, the 11-Year Old Phenom Who’s Impacting American Youth Soccer

"When I started treating every day like an opportunity and training to be a professional, I really fell in love with the process of trying to become great."
Jannis Gasser

The Man Behind the Camera: Why Everyone Needs Jannis Gasser in Their Instafeed

It's fair to say social media has been a catalyst for the rise of freestyle football in recent years, the chief culprit being everyone's favourite photo/video sharing app, Instagram. Every day,...
Urban Street Team

Urban Street Team Grows Freestyle Network Throughout Southeast Asia

Freestyle football is laying deep roots in Singapore, thanks largely to the pioneering freestylers of Urban Street Team (UST). Created in 2009 by Terence Ong, Terry Lee, and Mohammad...
Zeem Ahmad Malaysia

Malaysia’s Do-It-All Baller Zeem Ahmad “Keeps It Street” and Shares His Urban Picks

Zeem Ahmad is one of those rare specimens that will meg you without a thought and then proceed to dazzle you with his freestyle skills. As one of these crossbreed talents,...

Yo Street Zone Trains the Future Ballers Who Can Meg You Now

A London footballer is putting a small coastal city in England on the map, and he's doing it with a street school for the young. Yofi Yvorra is the...

Crack FC Provides Inspired Lifestyle Apparel for Football Lovers

Crack ˈkrak n. slang. A soccer player with tremendous skill, class, and panache. Example: Damn, did you see that move? That guy is most definitely a crack. The term 'crack' is used in many soccer...


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