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Blending artistry and technical prowess, freestyle football focuses on moves not necessarily designed for in-game purposes. Predominantly juggling and aerial tricks, often performed in complex combos, freestyle allows the individual to create their own personal style. As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, it has become a rich outlet for performance and a site of high-level competition.

Indi Cowie

5 Things You Should Know About Pro Freestyler Indi Cowie

Amidst the burgeoning popularity of freestyle football, Indi Cowie remains one of the best and most exciting athletes in the pro freestyling circuit. Here are 5 things to know about the...
street football kids

Urban Calendar: This Week in Football – 5/9/2016

Urban Pitch is giving our readers a monthly calendar for players and fans interested in street football, freestyle and futsal tournaments and events. Check it out to keep up...
Jade Elliott interview

Urban Spotlight: One-on-One with Futsaler Jade Elliott, Youthful Pioneer in UK’s Football League Trust

Youngsters from the UK are continuing to pioneer new avenues in women’s football. We recently spotlighted teen talent Liv Cooke, the UK’s first and only professional female freestyler. Today, we’re featuring Urban Pitch’s...
Puma Play Loud.

Puma Doubles Up on Street Football and Freestyle With #CHOOSETRICKS

Puma is starting to take it up a notch in featuring street football and freestyle in their advertising. Their latest "#CHOOSETRICKS and Play Loud" ad begins with players using flares...
Liv Cooke UK Freestyle

UK’s 16-Year-Old Liv Cooke is Next Freestyle Star to Watch

Attention is growing for up-and-coming sensation Liv Cooke, the UK's first—and so far only—professional female football freestyler. Cooke grew up in northwest England and fell in love with football...
Mo Ali Cyclone Flick IT10

IT10’s Mo Ali Shows Off His Cyclone Flick

In this video, one half of the IT10Soccer duo, Mo Ali, shows us the Cyclone Flick. His signature move looks like a slight variation on Eli Freeze's SWRL move but requiring both feet,...
IT10 Soccer underground.

IT10Soccer Goes Underground to Show Us Where Skills are Born

The Canadian duo known as IT10Soccer have come up with another dope video. This time around they took to the streets to remind us that "underground soccer" is the true...
Yohane ATWs and juggling freestylevideo

Japanese Girl Rocks at Freestyle and She’s Only 7 Years Old?!

There's definitely something special happening with the freestyle scene in Japan. Previously, Keisuke aka freestyle10k got our attention with his mad skills and flair at only 16 years old. Now we...
Freestyle Lexicon & Terms to know

Lexicon, Part 1: A Guide to Freestyle Terms

So you're a soccer player, or a footballer (depending on the country of origin), and been raised on a healthy diet of drills tailored for the full field—passing, trapping, shooting, plyometrics—all the...

USMNT’s Mix Diskerud Breaks Down the “Magic Mix”

U.S. National Team midfielder Mikkel Morgenstar Pålssønn "Mix" Diskerud showcases this visually simple but hard-to-replicate trick. Born in Norway, Diskerud is a starter for New York City's FC and scored their...
Chinatown freestyle

Mo-Ali and Frankie Flo Hit Up NYC Chinatown

File under dream pop freestyle Chinatown. If there is such a subgenre, Mo-Ali from IT10 Soccer and Frankie Flo have accomplished it in this stylish, emo video where the two...

In Cali, It’s Always a Good Day to Ball

There are some days you just want to forget your troubles, meet up with the homies, and do what you love. In our case, that means playing ball, and when you're in Cali
Steve Elias SWRL

Steve Elias Shows Us How to SWRL

The SWRL is not only Steve "Eli Freeze" Elias' signature move, it's also the name of his lifestyle clothing brand and company that reps the "freeing and fluid" philosophy behind...
Palle, the "godfather of air moves".video

Palle Still the Godfather of Air Moves, Even in the Basement

Our favorite Swede is back at it with acrobatic combos that are straight smooth. Why Palle chose to film this in his basement, I have no idea. It's possible the...
Adidas Boss LA

Adidas Shows L.A. How to #BossEveryone With “Purecontrol”

Adidas has been everywhere lately, releasing a slew of suped-up new gear and launching a fresh marketing campaign that seeks to reinvigorate their place in football. The three-stripe company has always

Urban Spotlight: Kotaro Tokuda, Youngest Freestyle Champ

One of Japan's premier freestylers, Kotaro Tokuda aka "Tokura," first began playing soccer in the sixth grade. When an injury on the field turned him onto freestyle, Tokuda quickly took...

The Mario Götze Flick-Up, With a Lil Sum-Sum

Here's a freestyle variation on Mario Götze's original flick-up move with a twist — one of the guys from IT10Soccer starts off with the flick-up, then adds a back heel and spin to it.  Here's...

Freestyle Champ Marvin Rodriguez Demos His Backflip Catch

Marvin Rodriguez is part of Mexico's Kskrita wrecking crew that has been straight bulldozing the freestyle scene lately. Rodriguez nearly swept last year's SISM, Mexico, and North American Freestyle championships by going 1-1-2...
Umar Dalati Freestyle B-Boy Soulspin

Umar’s Signature Move: The B-Boy Soulspin

SoCal's Umar Dalati broke down one of his favorite moves that, as you can probably tell from the name, makes him feel like a b-boy. Considering Dalati is 6-foot and...

Josh Rey Is on Something Nasty with this JBR Combo

I remember the night Josh Rey filmed this unreal combo at our facility for theFC. Although I was busy handling pickup game duties that night, I sneaked in a few peeks during the...


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