Urban Spotlight: Pro Freestyler Enry Maffioletti Lets His Crazy Skills Do the Talking

There must be something about freestyle football that either attracts mellow personalities or forces a person to chill out. It makes sense considering the hours of dedicated practice and honing of skill that’s largely spent by oneself. That level of discipline must naturally weed out the majority of folks too impatient (myself included) to stick with the program. Come to think of it, every high-level freestyler I’ve met have all been pretty laid back. Italian pro freestyler Enrico “Enry” Maffioletti is no exception.

Winner of best trick in Red Bull Street Style 2013 #redbull #worldofredbull #rbss #football #soccer #art

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The night I met the two-time Red Bull runner-up champ, there were a bunch of elite freestylers and street ballers hanging out at UrbanFutsal LA. Enry Maffioletti was quiet and sort of blended in with the rest of the guys, until he started freestyling with Alex Mendoza. That’s when I realized that Maffioletti can afford to be quiet, because he lets his crazy skills do the talking.

The most impressive moves among his all-around world-class skillset were his sitdowns, clippers, and smooth eclipses. Toss the ball at him anytime and he’ll turn it into a behind-the-leg clipper like it was part of his routine. No joke. Check out some of Enry’s trademark moves in this video and tell us what you think!

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