Séan Garnier Gave Me Panna-noia

Séan Garnier — the myth, the legend, the deliver of painful pannas — recently dropped in on our UrbanFutsal LA facility for a private film session. It started off friendly — he chatted about his upcoming travels around the world promoting major brands and spent a minute giving us a sample of his famous freestyle and ground moves — but at the end of our 1v1 session, he delivered a reverse panna (@1:11) on me that was so dirty I still find myself waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night.

Naturally, the resulting instagram clip went viral along with a flurry of comments about my lack of football skills and Eminem hairstyle (I see you @suckmybola98).

In full control ?⚽. #seangarnier #s3society #urbanball #xdubai

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Regardless of the hit to my pride, his visit was a great experience and Séan is a class act. I subsequently got advice from Kristoffer Liicht to avoid “panna-noia”, so I now consider it an honor to have been pannahilated by the master.

Also featuring sick freestylers Enry Maffioletti and Alex Mendoza, and dope music from Catalyst (Track: “GameCast,” produced by M-Jaf).

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