Dutch Street Master Visits Garnier’s S3 Society for Paris Football Week

Easy, man! Jeand Doest, the chillaxed Dutch street baller with an endless appetite for Bang, Bang, visited S3 Society this past weekend for Paris Football Week. Doest got an invitation from the sensei himself, Séan Garnier, to partake in his choice of poison among the many football activities available. For anyone who knows the “Easy, man!” man, you know that poison to be none other than PANNA.

Once finding the panna cage, Doest (who was recently spotted hyping Puma in this evoPower Boots ad with Philip Warren Gertsson) proceeded to take on contenders one by one—Florian, Brayan Andrieu—and several members of the S3 Society. Led by Garnier, the S3 crew are no slouches, and Doest has a fine time handing out pannas to the likes of Trafalgar, Storm Baller, and Moss Wassim. Other highlights include a crowd-pleasing behind-the-leg panna (3:18), an expert battle with Melody Donchet (5:18), and a bit of show-and-tell from S3’s Logan (11:58). Doest is as serene and smooth as they come, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy clownin as many ballers in as many ways he can think of—the creativity is off the charts, an art in itself that Doest clearly loves performing.

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