The 5 Best Freestyle Tutorials

Whether you’re a traditional footballer looking to pick up a few tricks or a practicing freestyler, the Internet is an amazing source for tutorials and has something for every skill level. Here’s the top 5 sites (in no particular order) that we turn to for freestyle lessons.

1. Learn2Freestyle

A no-fuss site that covers freestyle staples, Learn2Freestyle is a Youtube channel and web site with some cool features, including a “gear guide” and a recently launched mobile app for beginners. With the host’s easy-to-understand explanations, this is the perfect place for early and intermediate freestylers who have mastered the fundamentals and are looking for best practices to improve skill level.

2. FootballTricksOnline

Like having your own personal coach, FootballTricksOnline is taught en español with English subtitles and features both freestyle and street soccer tutorials. Guido is an accomplished crossover player whose lessons are useful for folks interested in both aerial and ground moves. While the videos are on the longer side, as Guido demos all the moves then breaks it down step by step, the instructions are incredibly helpful with critical information to address trouble areas when learning new tricks.

3. YourHowToDo

With comprehensive coverage of dribbles, lowers, uppers, sits, flick ups and ground moves, YourHowToDo is a one-stop-shop for all the popular freestyle tricks. The videos are often slowed down for clarity, and have annotations to individual moves when covering combos. This is a great site where you can get your technique on point with in-depth instruction.

4. SkillTwins

Sweden’s skill masters Jacob and Josef Belzein, aka the SkillTwins, are well-known on the futsal scene and online for their fun videos featuring crossbar challenges and insane ground moves. The channel is also an entertaining site for freestyle tricks, often in combination with street skills. It’s a useful source for other Youtubers who are creating their own tutorials and hoping to make a name for themselves, by keeping up to pace with the twins’ latest moves and how they’re producing innovative videos to engage their nearly 2 million subscribers.

5. Unisport

Unisport’s web channel has a series of freestyle tricks taught by Asia Freestyle Champion Philip Warren Gertsson that’s sleekly shot and more like a TV show than anything else online, with exotic locations and pro editing. PWG is obviously a master, so for a quick tut on how to do some of the fundamentals, this is a solid source.

What’s your go-to source for freestyle tricks? Let us know in the comments below! 

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