Puma Doubles Up on Street Football and Freestyle With #CHOOSETRICKS

Puma is starting to take it up a notch in featuring street football and freestyle in their advertising. Their latest “#CHOOSETRICKS and Play Loud” ad begins with players using flares to light up an “urban pitch” resembling The Epic Fireball Football video by Copa90. It then devolves into scenes where pros juggle, dribble, and slide through a hotel, press conference, and library before ending with a goal in a professional match. Wow … I don’t get it.

While it starts off promising the effort doesn’t feel authentic and on top of the seemingly random sets, they get important details wrong. For example, they’re initially setting up to play on a concrete court but they’re wearing turf shoes. And then when a pro actually kicks the ball, he’s somehow standing on turf but now wearing outdoor cleats. What? How are you going to sell us evoSPEED or evoPOWER cleats if you’re not familiar with your own product line?

The storyline here makes absolutely no sense and gives the impression that five different commercials were spliced into one. And the hashtag #CHOOSETRICKS? How long did it take to come up with that one LOL. We’d rather see Puma take some risks! What do they have to lose, after all.

Watch the crazy ad here and let us know what you think!

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