Puma Jumps on Street Football Train, But Can They Compete?

Puma and Kylie Jenner.
Kylie Jenner for Puma? Yeah, no.

Puma has finally decided to join Adidas and Nike on board the street football movement, and it’s about time. The brand hasn’t exactly screamed “street” or even “athletics” while it’s partnered with millennial-friendly Instagram princess Kylie Jenner. Celeb collaborations are great (just look at Kanye West x Adidas) but as the third-leading soccer brand in the world, Puma could actually feature, I don’t know, soccer players?

Rihanna Puma
Yes to Rihanna, because she actually kicks a$$. Good job, Puma.

#ForeverFaster street style.

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Puma’s latest ads feature players taking the game to the city streets amongst an urban backdrop featuring rooftops, graffiti art, and the walkways of a subway. 

Don’t drop it. You got this. #ForeverFaster A photo posted by PUMA Football (@pumafootball) on

While we always enjoy seeing influential companies promote street football, the effort doesn’t seem very inspired. Puma’s #ForeverFaster tagline is pretty bland and its new slate of street ball ads doesn’t seem to possess much of a storyline or potential for expanding. As a distant third-place challenger among soccer brands, you’d think they’d go big and take a chance. Risk everything. Boss everyone. Or just go forever faster lol. Puma may be the industry runt, but they just lil bro-ed themselves.

Here’s Puma’s latest street football commercial. Tell us what you think!

Let those skills out. Anywhere. #ForeverFaster

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