Adidas Launches Ace and X Boots with L.A. Street Tourney

Adidas_IMG_2319This past July, Adidas, Niky’s Sports, and UrbanFutsal LA (sister company of Urban Pitch) collaborated on the company’s “Be The Difference” promo and the launch of their new Ace and X shoes. The distinctive cleats represent in style and architecture two archetypal players: the ones that cause chaos, and the ones that control everything.

On one side of the indoor facility, organizers installed artificial turf for shoe-testing, and on the other hosted 16 teams in a 2×2 street football tournament, played on concrete in true calle fashion.

Ballers, graffiti, and hip-hop serve as backdrop for Adidas launch at UrbanFutsal LA.

The infamous “Chaka,” one of the most prolific graffiti writers during the ’80s, added to the backdrop of world-renowned graffiti art with his artistic rendition of the Ace and X boots. Based on Adidas’ positive response to the event, it’s likely there will be many more collaborations of this kind in the future.

Adidas wall by "Chaka".
Fan poses in front of Chaka’s artwork featuring Adidas Ace and X shoes at UrbanFutsal LA.

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