Urban Pitch Staff Picks: The Perfect Summer Football Shirts

From retro favorites to new age classics, the Urban Pitch staff selects a handful of football kits that perfectly encapsulate summer vibes.

As the days get longer and warmer, a pining starts to form in the back of a football fan’s head. It starts very faint, almost unnoticeable, usually on the first day you can step out of the house without an extra layer on.

The longer the sun hits your skin, the stronger this subconscious pining becomes. It could be linked to an increased intake of Vitamin D and raised levels of dopamine, but we’ll leave that to the Andrew Hubermans of the world to confirm or deny.

Suddenly, it hits you. Whether in a dream, in the shower, or sometime else when your brain is on idle mode, you realize what this voice from within is saying.

“Open up that kit drawer.”

Football shirts are by all means fit for wear any time on the calendar, but there’s something about the summer time and kits that fit perfectly together. Whether you put on your best blokecore fit or even go full kit wanker (we’re not here to judge), there’s no better time to throw on your favorite football shirt than when it’s warm outside.

And while just about any kit would do the job, some exude summer vibes more than others. The Urban Pitch team selected a handful of their favorite kits that particularly do so, from retro favorites to new age classics.

Venezia 2023-24 Away

venezia kit

Few clubs do the kit game better than Venezia, who have been making waves with their jaw dropping kits in the past few seasons. The club’s 2023-24 away kit particularly encapsulates summer vibes, and is a suitcase essential for any warm-weather holiday.

The kit is predominantly white, which fits the summer aesthetic, with gold accents on the crest and sponsor logos. Venezia’s trademark orange and green are splashed throughout the shirt as well, both on the body and collar. From the canals of Venice to the Amalfi coast and beyond, this is the perfect combination of style and comfort in a summer kit. — Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

Vancouver FC 2024 Away

vancouver fc kit

In just two seasons, Vancouver FC has solidified itself as one of the most stylish clubs in North America. Following last year’s dark and moody red and black hoops jersey, the club followed it up with a much brighter option that features a tie to one of the city’s many natural beauties.

For those unfamiliar with Vancouver, British Columbia, every spring, the city gets covered in a layer of pink cherry blossoms, which indicates that spring is here and summer is just around the corner.

Needless to say, the design cue makes the shirt perfect for wear in the summertime.

Outside of the theme, there are a couple of extra touches that make this jersey the pick of the summer. The first is the integration of gradient cuffs and collars. If you look closely at them, there is a light fade from pink to white. Small details like this are what elevate a jersey from good to great. The second key feature is that Vancouver FC partnered with the Pink Shirt Campaign, a charity that works towards the eradication of bullying. — Ben Peres

Brazil 2002 Away

brazil 2002 away

Picking any Brazil kit when speaking about “summer vibes” is admittedly a bit of a cop-out. The iconic yellow and green has long been the most popular national team kit for hipster streetwear, and if you take a stroll through any city on a random June afternoon, chances are you’ll spot one.

With all that being said, it’s the away kit in 2002 that was my choice.

It’s not the design that does it, in actuality, that aspect is quite standard. I think the royal blue base with white stripes works slightly better as a summer top, and the classic number smack in the middle of the chest tops it off perfectly. That may just be why it works though, simplicity at its finest.

The deep blue color is perfect for a summer’s day. Whether for a walk in the park under the clear blue skies or lounging by the seas on a beach sipping piña coladas, this kit just feels right. It also helps that when it comes to fits, blue is a color that’s incredibly easy to style.

It has the vibe, as well as the classic design, but it also evokes iconic summer memories. Ronaldo Fenomeno was at the peak of his powers on a star-studded Brazil team, and it helped massively that the Seleção won the World Cup in this kit. For obvious reasons, the shirt is still unpopular among the English.

June 2002, England vs. Brazil, Ronaldinho over a free kick from an impossible shooting angle. We all know what happened next. — Lyle-Anthony Golding

Chapecoense 2019 Third

capecoense third kit

Some shirts are made to be worn in the sunshine, preferably near a body of water and an adult beverage within reaching distance. This is one of them. Chapecoense’s 2019 third kit features a bright aquamarine color scheme with a wonderful pattern reminiscent of our favorite ’90s kits.

The details are fantastic, from the alternate club crest to the special Umbro patch on the jock tag celebrating the brand’s 95 years in football. Chape didn’t quite have a memorable season in this kit — the club was demoted to Brazil’s Serie B for the first time in six years — but they at least looked great.

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