Top 10 Tekkers: The Best Street and Freestyle Football Skills from 2018 (So Far)

We’re just two weeks in to the new year, but that didn’t stop us from compiling some of the top skills from both established and up-and-coming ballers from 2018. While we have plenty to look forward to, like the FIFA World Cup this summer, let’s take a look back at some of these incredible feats already accomplished in the young year.

10. Beginner With Swag

At 15 years of age, Russian freestyler Milana Asef has improved her game greatly in her just one year of experience. She hopes to keep progressing and eventually land what in her eyes is the greatest trick of all time, the Alternative Hopping Touzani ATW. Looking up to the Norwegian freestyle stars, specifically Erlend Fagerli, she hopes to one day participate in and win the Russian National Championships.

9. Scary Dope

Kobayashi Feng, aka Fukobayashi, has one of the slickest styles on the street with one thing on his mind — excellence. His flow has speed, dynamic changes and a lot of creative swag. Keep a close eye out on Kobayashi, as it seems as this baller will be competing in big tournaments before we know it.

8. Young Magician

Ready for another 12-year-old that will blow your mind? Meet Albie Francis-Alles is from Plymouth, New Zealand. He is a center midfielder for his local club team FDMC and recently earned himself a spot in the Fulham FC Academy. Albie learned his ground moves from inspirations like Sean Garnier, Jack Downer and Yasin Ben El-Mhanni from Newcastle United FC. His favorite moves are the one-foot rainbow Akka, Akka 3000, and the Lemmens ATW. More so, Albie recently created an effective panna move he called the Reverse Roulette Panna.

7. Don’t Czech the Technique

Hailing from the freestyle mecca of Prague, Czech Republic, Neky has been crafting his freestyle portfolio for two years. Also a graphic designer, Neky’s videos are always nicely edited (this one complete with an Arthur meme), which always adds bonus points. He has powerful tricks under his sleeve like an ATW to an ATM (Around the Moon) combo.

6. A New Mousetrap

Maybe a familiar face to many and a new one to others, Kieran Beech has become an accomplished player with plenty of skills. The 33-year-old Englishman has been in the street football landscape for four years, during which he’s met legends like Edward van Gils and represented Great Britain in two World Street 3s tournaments. He has created his own variation of the Akka and works to perfect it as well as learn more tricks. To top off this guy’s dope career, he was also a competitive martial artist striving to compete professionally before a sustained injury. This guy literally kicks ass!

Mousetrap variation! #streetsoccer #streetfootball

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5. Stars and Stripes

Zach Viddler is one of the young new talents representing the U.S. in freestyle. The 16-year-old hails from Pennsylvania and has been practicing the sport for around a year and a half. Viddler has an affinity for hardcore lowers, inspired by guys like Alekseev, Ethan, and Luca Chiarvesio. His favorite move is the Alt Lemmens ATW because many combos and variations can be done with it. In the U.S. Freestyle Nationals he finished in the top eight and wishes to compete in Super Ball next. In his spare time, Viddler also enjoys collecting official match balls and shoes.

4. Reflections

Northern Irish freestyler Sam Madden has been training in freestyle football for almost three years now, though his skills would suggest he’s been at it for longer. A fan of 360-degree spin tricks like the Sven ATW, Madden’s flow is predicated on creativity. He is inspired by a lot of the best freestylers like Jamie Knight and Andrew Henderson, though his current favorite freestyler is Luki from Poland.

My 2017 in 1 minute #MyYear #2017

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3. Rooftop Flow

Chetan Pilania is a 22-year-old baller who has been practicing freestyle football for four years, while venturing into ground moves and panna for the past year. His favorite moves are the Akka 3000 and Q8. His favorite player is Kristoffer Liicht, and he recently finished second in the Indian National Panna Championship in his hometown of Mumbai. He hopes to be playing in international panna competitions one day, and with these skills, he might be there sooner than he thinks.

2. OG Meg Master

Panna Match Berlin’s Hakan Madanoglu is a street ball OG. In the game since ’07, the 27-year-old German baller has been in just about every big tournament you can name, and his meg body count is probably in the thousands by now.

BASE Berlin Tango League

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1. In Sync

Yo Street Zone has indubitably built a high reputation for themselves and put Margate, England on the street football map. Team leader Yofi joins 15-year-old baller Jacopo Pauli to put on an absolutely dazzling performance, completely in sync with one another. In the last year, these two have performed in big tournaments such as the World Street 3s and have been taking ground moves to the next level.

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