Top 10 Tekkers: Girls Just ‘Panna’ Have Fun

You can never give the ladies enough love. From the vast improvement of women’s freestyle to the Dutch Women’s National Team setting attendance and viewership records at the UEFA Women’s Euro Cup earlier this year, women have been absolutely killing it on both the street and traditional sides of the beautiful game.

With this in mind, we thought it’d be perfect to dedicate this post to some of the best female ballers in the world. Check out some of the best skills, tricks, and moves in this all-girl edition of Top 10 Tekkers!

10. Over the Rainbow

When it comes to ballers that are native to the Los Angeles area, you’ve got to mention Jasmine Henderson. In addition to playing a match at the highest altitude ever recorded, Jasmine is also a motivational speaker and author. Even with everything she’s got going on, she still makes time to keep her skills polished at The Base LA. Our bet is that she carries a ball around wherever she goes.

Say I won’t! ✨Say I won’t make it. Say I won’t be strong enough. Say I won’t be good enough. Say I won’t be tough enough. Say I won’t rise over adversity. They can say whatever they want. #Remember who you are, and what is within you…who is within you. Remember all the times #God has seen you through already. If you stand on that, you will not be shaken. You will not be moved, and all you will say back to those voices is, “I can, and I will. Watch me.” #shewillrise #tbt #goalfive #toobeautifultohide #gamechangerhabits #footballisfemale #empowerment #inspiration #motivation #shecanandshewill #skills #footwork #soccer #player #tricks #athlete #onset #womenempowerment #boss #slay #streetstyle #streetwear #freestyle

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9. That Pass Around Though

As shown in this clip, the phrase “Italian flavor” extends past that scrumptious plate of lasagna that first comes to mind when hearing it. Juventus and Italian National Team star Barbara Bonansea is a world class talent with incredible speed and finishing ability. Mama Mia!

8. Repetition is Key

High school sophomore Brina Micheels’ high-velocity skills have become an inspiration for many. Her fleet-footed moves can be equated to a tongue twister — simple enough if done slowly, but easily botched when increasing speed and repetitions. See if you can compete with Brina’s skill training.

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7. Rise and Shine

This year’s Super Ball was full of surprises, including 17-year-old Alexane Meunier popping up from under the radar to knock out some of the world’s best women. Meunier is known for her powerful sits, lowers, heel juggles, and incredible control with all of her stalls. Not to mention she can ball too. She’s got some dope ground moves.

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6. Get Your Foot Up

Definitely an upcoming talent, Global Freestyle team member Harriet Pavlou is improving her game day after day. She currently lives in London and is working with Adidas‘ unique Glitch campaign.

5. It’s Panna Time

Jassina Blom is known for her skills in both the streets and traditional pitch. A trainer at StreetSoccer Belgium, a huge movement in the street football scene, Jassina also plays professionally for FC Twente Vrouwen in the Netherlands. If you haven’t yet, check out the banger she scored on her birthday.

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4. Indoor Sesh

Only 18 years old and incredibly ambitious, Yoanna Dallier from France is jumping up the freestyle charts. Her style is clean, creative and impressive. Most of her lowers are done behind her rather than in front, which is rare to see.

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3. Young and Ambitious

Looks like Ariana Dos Santos has met her rival! Abigail Felix is a young cat trying to go big in the football world. Seems like these youngsters are getting better and better at younger ages doesn’t it? From rabonas to helicopters to different variations of cuts, Abby has really done a great job improving her technical skills. Let’s see where her ambition will take her.

2. Dangerous Control

Sofie Svava is a 17-year-old pro baller who plays on Brøndby IF in the Danish Superliga and the U19 Danish National team. Her aspirations? To be as good as possible of course. Controlling long balls with a touch like that is definitely not easy, but Sofie makes it look effortless.


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1. Boys vs. Girls

The top of this week’s Tekkers charts shows Caitlyn Schrepfer and Lizzy Calderon stealing the thunder of U.S. freestyle giants Daniel Dennehy and Alex Mendoza. Moral of the story? Never underestimate the power of a female freestyler.

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