Neymar Jr’s Five San Diego Highlights: A Redemption Win for “Dream Killers”

The Neymar Jr.’s Five San Diego qualifier tournament took place on May 15 on the large grass field at Waterfront Park. An enthusiastic crowd of spectators gathered to watch the teams compete on a difficult, slippery pitch. Conditions were made worse by a rare wet and cloudy day.

Neymar Jrs Five San Diego

It was a moment of redemption, however, for the Dream Killers who had braved the road trip down from Los Angeles. They had come up a bit short in the L.A. qualifier a few weeks earlier by losing in the semifinals to Bola. On this day, they celebrated after finishing as tournament champions this time around. Local team, SDSJ, came in second place to also qualify for the June 11 U.S. regional tournament in Miami.

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