Freestyler’s Playlist: Two-Time Danish Champion Anders Borg

Since 2007, Denmark’s Anders Borg has been a mainstay in the global freestyle scene. With two national championships — the first won when he was just 14 — Borg has experienced plenty of success, including recently when he won the freestyle competition at the European Street Cup last June.

As a “veteran” in the game, Borg has aligned himself with some of freestyle’s biggest names, and he is perhaps at the forefront of the quickly growing Danish freestyle community.

“I love freestyle because to me it means freedom,” Borg said. “The feeling of accomplishing a new trick or combo is unbelievable!”

In addition to his freestyle skills, Borg has a creative mind as well, starting the humorous “Freestylers Are Humans Too” video series alongside fellow Danish freestyler Simon Atli.

For his Freestyler’s Playlist, Borg uses a mix of EDM, hip-hop, and reggae to get going while training.

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