kevin medina freestyle

Freestyler’s Playlist: Los Angeles Native Kevin Medina’s Jazzy Funk Mix Keeps the Energy Flowing

Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, freestyler Kevin Medina's talents have taken him to flagship tournaments such as the North American Championships and Super Ball. While he has traveled the...
new levels romelu lukaku

Different Animal, Same Beast: PUMA Brings Romelu Lukaku and TheColorGrey Together to Create a Dope New Track

Continuing to build upon its "New Levels" campaign, PUMA facilitated an all-Belgian collaboration between football superstar Romelu Lukaku and hip-hop artist TheColorGrey to bring us an original new track. Fittingly...
rap albums 2019

Eight Albums For Football Fans To Get Excited About in 2019

Although we've seen plenty of recent music drops that have kept our playlists jam-packed and banging, there's still more to look forward to on the horizon. We explore some...
feefa estilo de vida

‘Estilo De Vida’ is an Authentic, Barrier-Breaking Debut From LA Latin Trapper Feefa

Released on June 1, Feefa's debut album 'Estilo De Vida' takes you directly into the 29-year-old Angeleno's lifestyle, while also proving that not all bilingual rap in Los Angeles...
mls our soccer tokimonsta prince royce

TOKiMONSTA and Prince Royce Headline MLS’ ‘Our Soccer’ Campaign for 2019

With the 2019 season opener just weeks away, MLS debuted its new "Our Soccer" campaign, featuring musicians TOKiMONSTA and Prince Royce. The two artists discuss how they became fans...
footballers who rap

Assembling the Ultimate Footballer Rap Supergroup

As more and more players all over the world set aside their boots to try their hands in the booth, we've compiled a six-man roster of the footballers that, if united, would make an unstoppable rap supergroup.
death at the derby

‘Death at the Derby’ Series Explores Football’s Biggest Rivalries Through Grimy Boom-Bap Tracks

A project between Los Angeles' Cousin Feo and Toronto's Lord Juco, Death at the Derby gives us a series of tracks dedicated to football's most heated rivalries.  With some of...

How Street Football Ignited the Creativity Behind Feefa’s Authentic Latin Trap Sound

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Feefa's bilingual Latin trap sound stems from his youth days playing football in the streets of the City of Angels.  For LA...
cousin feo

Cousin Feo’s Raw Football-Inspired Bars Are a Must-Add to Your Library

With a sound that harkens back to hip-hop's golden era, Cousin Feo's music is also notable for its witty references to the beautiful game. We get to know the...

Freestyler’s Playlist: Ryan Sagayaga Proudly Reps Hawai’i as the State’s Only Freestyler

As Ryan Sagayaga embarks on improving himself as a football freestyler, he also has a mission to help grow the sport throughout Hawai'i. You see, Sagayaga is currently the...
mls anthem

Five Hans Zimmer Tracks That Would’ve Made for a Better MLS Anthem

MLS looked to make a splash ahead of the 2020 season with an all-new anthem from legendary composer Hans Zimmer. While the piece itself is OK, it pales in...
best music 2018

The Year in Review: The Best Football-Inspired Music of 2018

Reminiscing on what has been an incredibly eventful year in football, we have compiled a list of the year’s best — from boots, to kits, to freestyle videos. We...
Bruno Kallas freestyle playlist

Freestyler’s Playlist: Bruno Kallas is Motivated to Challenge the Best

I have to practice more than I rap and dance along to the music. So it's all about finding that balance between music that pushes you but also doesn't distract you.

Travel the Globe With Four-Time World Champ Kitti Szasz’s Freestyler’s Playlist

With four world titles and plenty of experience under her belt, freestyle has been more than kind to Hungarian Kitti Szasz. On top of the championships, Szasz's talents have...

Freestyler’s Playlist: Tek Neek Founder Sven Fielitz on Solitude and Being in the Moment

Our Freestyler’s Playlist features a personal music set from different freestylers from around the world. Freestyling goes hand-in-hand with music, and these athletes know how to appreciate the power of a good beat. Check out...

Freestyler’s Playlist: German No. 2 and Freestyle Veteran Philippe Gnannt

Beginning in 2006, Philippe Gnannt has unfolded a lengthy and successful career in freestyle as one of the sport's more tenured athletes. While he has competed in major events...

Daniel Got Hits Holds Nothing Back on F2 Diss Track

Freestyler and rapper Daniel Got Hits has dropped a controversial diss track aimed at the ever-so-popular F2 Freestylers. While many freestylers have enjoyed the track's jabs at Jeremy Lynch, it isn't...

DJ Diveny Takes Us Around the World with His Freestyler’s Playlist

The beauty of freestyle football is it only requires one thing: a ball. DJ Diveny is one of the most unique freestylers in the game, and has followed his...
serk warm brew

How Warm Brew’s Serk Used His Soccer Background to Forge a Promising Hip-Hop Career

Warm Brew has made its name off carefree West Coast music. Serk explains how his days playing soccer have made him a great team player for everyone's success.
Josh Sanders freestyle

Freestyler’s Playlist: Josh Sanders Uses Hip-Hop to Inspire Creativity

This edition of Freestyler’s Playlist comes by way UK’s third ranked freestyler, 17-year-old wunderkind Josh Sanders, who uses hip hop and his natural surroundings to fuel creativity and inspiration.


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