death at the derby english emissaries

Death At the Derby Re-Ups For Another Booming Season With ‘English Emissaries’

After a brief stop in MLS, Cousin Feo and Lord Juco have returned to international football for season two of Death At the Derby. "English Emissaries," the first stop on...
murs galaxy

‘I’m a Bud Light and Vegan Tacos Guy’: Murs Speaks Out on His Love of Soccer and the LA Galaxy

An icon of Los Angeles hip-hop, Murs reps his city in just about every way imaginable, including his sports allegiances. A die-hard LA Galaxy supporter, Murs wasn't always as...
clint dempsey

Clint Dempsey Is Done With Soccer, But Where Did His Rap Career Go?

While most know Clint Dempsey as one of the most prolific American soccer players of all time, the USMNT icon also has some serious bars. Although his playing career has...

World Champion and No. 1-Ranked Erlend Fagerli Shares His Freestyler’s Playlist

Anyone who has paid any kind of attention to freestyle over the past few years knows who Erlend Fagerli is. The Norwegian freestyler got his start at the young...
death at the derby

Cousin Feo and Lord Juco Link Up With Big Ghost to Bring ‘Death at the Derby’ to MLS

Closing out the year with a bang, Cousin Feo and Lord Juco have teamed up with underground producer extraordinaire Big Ghost to bring their stellar Death at the Derby...
la-tinos family business

‘Family Business’ Could Be the Foundation of the LA-Tinos Empire

On the heels of Family Business, the new LA-Tinos album release, we catch up with Feefa to discuss his vision for the group, overcoming COVID-19, and what's next in...

Don’t Fake the Funk: Kosuke Takahashi’s Freestyler’s Playlist

Kosuke Takahashi has been busy building a name for himself in the increasingly competitive world of freestyle. After winning the Asian Freestyle Football Championship in 2015, he followed that up with...
nike deutschrap

Nike’s Deutschrap Kits Celebrate Germany’s Vibrant Hip-Hop Culture In Style

With countless elements that pay tribute to Germany's thriving hip-hop community, Nike's new Deutschrap jerseys are the unofficial uniform of German rap.  The world's most popular game has found plenty...
feefa estilo de vida

‘Estilo De Vida’ is an Authentic, Barrier-Breaking Debut From LA Latin Trapper Feefa

Released on June 1, Feefa's debut album 'Estilo De Vida' takes you directly into the 29-year-old Angeleno's lifestyle, while also proving that not all bilingual rap in Los Angeles...
sho baraka

How Football Makes Atlanta Rapper Sho Baraka a Better Student of the World

A prominent member of the Christian hip-hop scene, Atlanta rapper Sho Baraka's love for football has allowed him to grow both personally and musically. We spoke with...
death at the derby

‘Death at the Derby’ Series Explores Football’s Biggest Rivalries Through Grimy Boom-Bap Tracks

A project between Los Angeles' Cousin Feo and Toronto's Lord Juco, Death at the Derby gives us a series of tracks dedicated to football's most heated rivalries.  With some of...

Freestyler’s Playlist: Britain’s Stephen Gray

The Urban Pitch Freestyler's Playlist series features a personal music set from different freestylers around the world. Freestyling goes hand-in-hand with music, and these athletes know how to appreciate the power of a good beat....
jay z mls

Why a Jay-Z Partnership With MLS Makes More Sense

While his status as rap's GOAT may remain untarnished, Jay-Z's legacy as a social rights activist has been put into question after his partnership announcement with the NFL. If...
aj tracey

Yes, AJ Tracey’s ‘Flu Game’ Album is a Michael Jordan Tribute, but His Love for Football Shines Too

British rap star and Tottenham fan AJ Tracey returns with "Flu Game," an eclectic album featuring plenty of football references.

Freestyler’s Playlist: Meet 15-Year-Old Torin Lynch Throwing Down for the U.S.

Our Freestyler’s Playlist features a personal music set from different freestylers from around the world. Freestyling goes hand-in-hand with music, and these athletes know how to appreciate the power of a good beat. Check out...
waka flocka flame

Now Retired From Rap, Here’s Why Waka Flocka Flame Should Get Involved With the Beautiful Game

With one of the most iconic names in hip-hop history, Waka Flocka Flame has been a steady presence in the Atlanta trap scene since his breakout in 2009. Besides...
best music 2020

The Year in Review: The Best Football-Adjacent Music of 2020

As 2020 comes to a merciful close, we once again take a look back at the best the year had to offer. We begin with music, as we count...
pwg freestyle

Hype Up Your Next Training Session With PWG’s Freestyler’s Playlist!

With both an Asian and European freestyle championship under his belt, Philip Warren Gertsson, aka PWG is one of the most recognized and respected freestylers in the world. The...

Freestyler’s Playlist: German No. 2 and Freestyle Veteran Philippe Gnannt

Beginning in 2006, Philippe Gnannt has unfolded a lengthy and successful career in freestyle as one of the sport's more tenured athletes. While he has competed in major events...
footballers who rap

Assembling the Ultimate Footballer Rap Supergroup

As more and more players all over the world set aside their boots to try their hands in the booth, we've compiled a six-man roster of the footballers that, if united, would make an unstoppable rap supergroup.


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