Top 10 Tekkers to Help You Recover From the Worst Flu Ever

Two weeks into the new year and we’ve had record rain. Along with the chilly weather, I’ve also noticed a high number of sneezes, hacks, and raspy coughs. Hopefully you’ve avoided getting sick, but if you’re like me and managed to catch one of these colds, we’ve got you covered with 10 amazing videos to watch while you’re recuperating in bed. This week, we highlight freestylers from around the world as they perform some amazing tricks in breathtaking places.

10. Freestyle Trick Shot

Freestlyer Jamie Macdonald, who is based in London and Cornwall, makes this crossbar trick shot look effortless. Macdonald shoots from afar, but not before showing a little freestyle flair.


9. Thirst-Quenching Skills

Pint-sized soccer star Ariana Dos Santos kicks harder than your average 6-year-old, and she does it while showing off her amazing bottle flip skills. Two out of three Gatorade bottles? Not bad!


8. Slow Motion

Sometimes the best moves are better seen in slow motion. Brazilian freestyler Raquel Benetti breaks down this ATW so newbies can follow suit and appreciate the intricate skill.


7. Cool as Ice

Pro freestyler DJ Diveny traveled with his team to Iceland, and while there, shot some amazing videos of his skills amongst the icy lagoons.


6. Girl Power

Lucia Kevicka proves that she and so many other talented young ladies have just as much skill as the boys. The Slovakian native travels around picturesque landscapes through the world showing off her moves.


5. Staying Warm

Even in the winter, professional freestyler Gunther Celli keeps warm by training hard indoors. You can’t get skills like those without practicing year round.


4. Snow Day

Even in the snowy weather, 14-year-old freestyler Christian practices everything from trick shots to juggling moves.


3. Teamwork

What’s freestyle without a little friendship? Practicing with a friend is a fun way to showcase both your talents.


2. Record-Setting Goals

Whether you’re beating your record for NT moves like Caitlyn Schrepfer or just trying to keep the ball up as many times as you can, setting goals and breaking personal records is a great accomplishment.


1. Point of View

Sometimes to appreciate the intricacy of some moves, you have to look at them from a different point of view. Dusan Vlahovic shows us a different perspective as he goes through his juggling skills.

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