Top 10 Tekkers: A European Invasion of Freestyle and Street Football Skills!

It’s about that time again — tekkers time, that is. Every week there is consistent growth within the football world, whether it is new talent emerging or players expanding the sport in order to reach new limits. This week, we’re taking a trip across the Atlantic to check out some of Europe’s top freestyle and street football talents.

From the street scene headed by collectives like Copenhagen Panna House and Panna Match Berlin, to the incredible freestylers from Norway and Poland, it’s no secret that Europe is home to some of the sickest ballers out there. Enough talk — let’s get into it!

10. Teach Me How to Akka

Federico Massignani, also known as just FED, is an Italian freestyler and street baller. He is from Pescara, Italy and is a well known name within the community. He has notably been a judge at Red Bull Street Style in addition to competing in some of the most high-level tournaments around the world. His Akka video is the perfect way to get our Tekkers list going. Check out his do’s and don’ts.

9. Vive la France

These youngsters are impressive in so many ways. Marius is from Lyon, France and has been practicing freestyle for just under a year and has been able to learn some powerful lowers and uppers. His favorite ball is the Europass, which was used for the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament. Marius’ favorite freestyle inspiration is Erlend and he wishes to one day compete in the French Cup.

8. Two-Piece Combo

The freestyle competition within France has been growing as we are seeing more and more kids jumping into the sport. Paul is one of these young bucks getting his training in. His lowers are pretty solid as he shows us he can land Lemmens ATW with ease and can get his weak foot involved. His sits combos are very controlled, especially his stalls. As we will explore more players to come to the forefront of freestyle, we can expect to see more of Paul in the future.

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7. Bulgaria Style

Teodor Dimitrov is from Sofia, Bulgaria and has been freestyling for about two years now. He actually practiced panna and street football before he drifted into freestyle football. At 13 years old, he also enjoys video editing and graphic effects work. He hopes that he can one day become the freestyle king of Bulgaria!

6. Living Legend

All the way from the infamous Coppenhagen Panna House comes Suell the Gypsy. Street ballers around the world have an immense amount of respect for him and his uncompromising ground move technique. Don’t get stuck with him in a panna ring, or you might just be humiliated for an entire week. As Liicht himself says, Suell the Gypsy is a legend.

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5. Baller Skills From Mademoiselle

Another emerging female freestyler that has been popping out on the radar, Lucie has made quite an impression already at the age of 15. She has been practicing for only a year, and she has the skills to show for it. Her Lemmens ATW combos are all pretty powerful as well as her sits and stalls. With double revolutions under her belt, she has a bright future and good possibility to become competitive within the sport.

4. Hungary to Improve

Nabil Hamza = baller. At 19 years old he is already turning into a freestyle football monster. He started playing back in June 2016, and has already managed to finish top 16 in the Hungarian Championship and third in the Hungarian Rookie Championship. His slaps combos are very fun to watch. He likes to flow with creativity.

3. Don’t Blink

Oualid Bekkaoui comes from the river city of Antwerp, Belgium. At just 16 years old, he’s been practicing freestyle, panna and ground moves for almost two years in his neighborhood of Draaiboom, which he reps with pride. Regardless of the weather conditions, Bekkaoui finds himself practicing outside on the streets since that is his only constant training grounds. His favorite inspiration as a player is Soufiane Touzani. Among his accomplishments, one that stands out the most is his top 16 finish in the Adidas Nemeziz tournament held in Amsterdam.

2. Panna Match Kids Keep It Saucey

Wait what!? A double Akka 3000!? Alright this is just completely out of hand. A single Akka 3000 is tough enough to do but a double? Man these Panna Match Berlin Kids mean strictly business when it comes to street football. Seventeen-year-old Amir from Berlin is definitely the next to watch on the list of street ballers around the world. Keep a close eye out for this baller.

1. Belgium’s Got Talent

Thomas Stemgee is a world-class panna player hailing from Belgium. His packed resume includes a Belgian panna championship as well as a third finish at the European and World Panna Championships. His favorite ball to play with is a Select Futsal ball since it has a good grip. If he could play panna against anyone in the world, it would be either Messi or Ronaldo just to prove to them that the street baller would win against these legends in this aspect of the game.

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