The Greatest World Cup Kits of All Time: 2022 Group F

Only three groups remain in our quest to select the best World Cup kits worn by each nation heading to Qatar this year. Group F consists of Morocco, Croatia, Canada, and Belgium — an eclectic yet visually appealing foursome by all means.

There’s a strange feeling heading into this year’s World Cup. We’re less than two weeks away from the biggest sporting event in the world, yet the trademark excitement that comes standard with these tournaments seems to be absent. Whether it’s because it’s in the middle of domestic league play or the human rights issues and rife corruption surrounding Qatar and FIFA, the 2022 World Cup doesn’t feel quite right compared to previous installments.

Nonetheless, we as fans will tune into the matches in hopes they return at least some of the electricity that we associate with the World Cup. Other things we associate with the world’s biggest stage is of course kits, and our series highlighting the best World Cup kit worn by all 32 nations heading to Qatar finds itself at Group F, which features the likes of Morocco, Croatia, Canada, and Belgium.

Morocco: 1994 Home

morocco world cup kit 1994

This kit features a duo of patterns combined to create a vibrant shirt offering an incredible vintage aesthetic. The shoulders feature a geometric pattern that then filters into a sublime faded stripe look. Whilst the red base of the kit is delightful, the true star of this Lotto number is the big centered badge, which finishes the shirt off beautifully.

Croatia: 1998 Away

croatia world cup kit 1998

Croatia is notorious for having some of football’s best ever kits. With the big red and white checkerboard style, they have a collection of pretty delightful and instantly recognizable numbers that fill their portfolio. This kit, while being one of their away shirts, still features that iconic checkerboard style down the sides. The majority of the shirt is in a striking blue and combines gorgeously well with the checker pattern, and the delightful classic collar tops off the shirt.

Belgium: 1982 Home

belgium world cup kit 1982

This was Admiral’s first and last kit with the Red Devils, for some reason. I’m not sure why the partnership didn’t last longer, as the iconic kit manufacturer truly hit something special with this deep v-neck number. Featuring a red base, yellow curved taping down the sides, and black and yellow trims on the neck and sleeves, we get a striking mix of colors that stands out for all the right reasons. The badge is located deep in the center of the shirt as well, finishing off the kit nicely as Belgium’s best.

Canada: 1986 Home

canada world cup kit 1986

Whilst the 1986 tournament wasn’t greatly successful for Canada, they definitely looked good during it. The kit was an all-red base with white stripes and trims down the sleeves and neck, making for a delightful Canadian aesthetic. “Canada” is written across the center of the shirt, a rarity in modern national team design that should perhaps be revisited. On top of that, the adidas Trefoil logo creates a wonderful retro vibe that all Canada fans can fondly look back on, unlike this year’s, which is hardly original.

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