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Top 10 Tekkers to Binge Watch this Week

As a SoCal resident, to say that the weather has been crazy is somewhat of an understatement. Fifty degree weather with insane amounts of...

Adidas Fosters Creation with 3-Day “Mercury Center” Lab

Adidas is having a moment, and it may be one of its most impressive yet within its long history as once-reigning king of global soccer. It...

Adidas Shows L.A. How to #BossEveryone With “Purecontrol”

Adidas has been everywhere lately, releasing a slew of suped-up new gear and launching a fresh marketing campaign that seeks to reinvigorate their place in football. The three-stripe company has always

For Your Consideration: LAFC Produces Epic Video Featuring L.A. Street Ballers

In a much-anticipated release, LAFC revealed their new crest and colors early this January, preceding the club's upcoming inclusion into the MLS 2018 season and the...