Top 10 Tekkers to Binge Watch this Week

As a SoCal resident, to say that the weather has been crazy is somewhat of an understatement. Fifty degree weather with insane amounts of rain pouring down, even hail at certain times, is definitely out of the norm. (Again, this is mainly out of the ordinary for SoCal people.) This week, we put together a list of tekkers you can curl up to and binge watch while hiding out from the elements!

10. Speed of Akka

Alexander Arabian puts a new “spin” on this akka combo, using his head, a knee akka, and some fancy footwork, that will make your head whirl!

9. Double Time

@lisafreestyle with the megs ? rate this out of 10!

A video posted by Skill Spotter (@skillspotter) on

Seventeen-year-old Lisa is proof that balling isn’t just for guys. In this double clip, she puts together a tight freestyle combo, with some ATWs, sit-downs, and sole stalls, followed by a panna that brings her opponent down … literally.

8. Freestyle Cocktail

Dislocated knee+pile driver+Mitchy ATW Also a bonus AKKA 3000 ?

A video posted by Joseph Aguilar (@freestyle.ncsu) on

Joseph Aguilar shows off some range with a sick 3 followed by a nice little akka 3000—this guy is having too much fun!

7. Finishing Touch

Boston resident Ben disappointed as many of his clips were deleted while filming. If this is what wasn’t deleted from his numerous clips that were lost, it’s by far pretty impressive as he works on controlling his first touch for a successful shot to the left corner of the net.

6. Nothing but Net

Rabona precision ??? can you do this?

A video posted by Skill Spotter (@skillspotter) on

This baller pulls off a sweet rabona, crossing his shooting foot behind his other ankle, for a perfect finish to the corner. Nothing but net on this one.

5. Strength in Lowers 

In memory of his older brother, Alexander Mendoza of Innovation LA completes a difficult combo with strength.

4. Funky Brothers

GM – Westyle Street Style WS2 CUP TEASER 2017 PROX…

A video posted by Ulises SS (WS2) ?? (@ulises__ss) on

This squad of groundmovers show off their fast footwork in a dance-inspired, funkadelic video.

3. Freestyle Friendsies 

Eduard (left) killing it in a duo freestyling collaboration that was cut too short.

2. Too Sexy for this Combo

Italian footballer Gunther shows off his athleticism (and ripped physique) with a combo that incorporates flips, sit-downs, and some head stalls. Practicing to perfection is definitely a key asset.

1. Sneak Preview

A video posted by Victor Andres (@vicfreestyle) on

Despite the cold winter, Victor Andres and DJ Diveny put on a show for their online fans on Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as they do a dry run for an upcoming performance. Not much can stop a freestyler from doing what he loves!

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