Koora Beach Training Exclusive: Speed, Strength, and Mental Focus

Every day, I’m thinking of ways to improve my skills on the pitch. As a soccer coach, I constantly explore new ways to improve player performance, and one ultra effective way to do that is on the beach!

Brian Easler, founder of Koora Beach Soccer, helped us think outside the box with his specialized beach workout, tailored to improve speed, endurance, and overall strength. We began our session with two powerful leg workouts and finished off with upper body. The combination of sprints, lunges, squats, and resistance training killed my legs and gave me a solid upper body exercise that left me sore for days!

Playing on the sand is a type of resistance training that naturally creates a stronger and quicker player. It has incredible benefits once you move back to street or grass, and I felt as light as a feather when I played on the field afterwards.

Easler has been growing the sport of beach soccer in Los Angeles thanks to his insane dedication and passion for the beautiful game. In just a couple of months, Koora has put together top men’s and women’s teams, and they also host pickup games for anyone interested in the sport. Recently, the beach soccer king was invited to Singapore to compete in a special beach soccer tournament. Beach soccer is an amazing way to improve fitness and up your game, all while taking advantage of Cali’s beautiful beaches.

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