Top 10 Tekkers of the Week

Nothing really hits the spot like nailing a great trick, especially in front of a crowd. And nothing really brings out the humiliation quite like a ball between the legs … especially in front of a crowd. This week we bring you our top 10 videos of street, freestyle, and football tekkers, Let’s take a look at the compilation starting with …

10. Stay On Your Feet!

ALL THE WORLD MUST SEE THAT? CALL911?? @s3society_official Tag friend #bencok #KO #433 #humiliation #futbolsport

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Like tricking a labrador, this poor guy falls victim to the footwork of Soufiane Bencok. Ouch!

9. Triple Around the World Using Two Feet!?

Landing an Around the World (ATW) is a basic trick all freestylers learn at one point. A double ATW is considered intermediate level and a triple is world class. Now this talented freestyler throws two ATWs with his right foot and finishes with a quick Around the World with the left, then he pops it up with yet another ATW with the opposite foot. Talk about a globetrotter!

8. Tres Amigos

KSKRITA, the powerhouse Mexican freestyle team, light up the city with their unique style, creative choreography, and beautiful sense of rhythm. The combination of these three make them super entertaining as a group, while individually they rank among the most gifted freestylers in the world.

7. Wait! One More …

This freestyle team is so unique, we couldn’t get enough. The collaboration and new styles they show are off the hook!

6. Next Gen

How old is this kid again? For a young baller, he is one of the most technical players we’ve seen. The ball control is perfection—keep an eye out for this young buck!

5. That Goalie Though

Who says all the glory has to go to goal scorers? This goalie hits such a nice pass it would give David Beckham shivers.

4. Target Practice

Ever try picking a random target and see how long it takes to actually hit it? It can take a long, long time. Target practice games improve accuracy and help a player learn how to correctly hit the ball. Sometimes things look a lot easier than they appear, and this baller makes the difficult look like a breeze.

3. She Brings the Heat

She’s so fresh and so clean! This baller’s ground moves are so smooth, opponents better keep their legs closed and eyes on the ball, cuz she just might break yer ankles.

2. Come Again?

This is freestyle 3.0. Can you catch the move this baller throws in?

    1. Nothing But Net

Filthy from @ricozulkarnain9 ⚽️?? Via:@brfutsal?

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Sometimes simplicity is the highest form of skill. Being able to control the ball, hit it with accuracy, and put the right amount of “dip” to your shot is a beauty when executed properly. Makes us all want to get up and shout Goooooaaaaalllll!!!!!

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