Get Your Instagram Game on Point Following these Freestyle and Street Ball Accounts

Street football and freestyle is growing like wildfire all over the world thanks to online platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where masters and veterans can share their training methods and show off their latest tekkers. Instagram is the best platform to share your skills with the world. To make the most of the platform it would be wise to learn how to post a link on instagram. And one of the best ways to get started is by watching tutorials online—no classes or team fees necessary. We put together a list of some of the best Instagram accounts to follow where ballers and freestylers are evolving the sport one post at a time. If you think you have what it takes, you may want to look into this app for instagram followers if you want to show off your own skills.


@maartenvanluit: European and Dutch freestyle champion. All freestyle, all flexibility, all ball control. All day long.

Morning pratice nts – week2 #lowers#puma

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@k3vinfs: Not only is Kevin Siqueira a pro freestyler, he’s also a veterinarian! The only thing that makes freestyle better? Puppies!

@yajibe_youtube: We have seen the future, and it is in the form of a dope 7-year-old Japanese girl. Check out Yohane as she develops her technique with the help of Dad.

@matthieufreestyle: Matthieu is a talented French freestyler who keeps things interesting with his unique style and cool photography.

@koheimoriwaki.kuro: An absolutely incredible freestyler, Kubo combines coordination, speed, and rhythm, against some of the coolest backdrops in Japan.

@salim_freestyle10: He’s only 14 years old, but this Canadian freestyler takes it up a notch with hardcore calisthenics and parkour. The multi-talented athlete is also looking to play club soccer—what can’t these young bucks do these days?!


@kevin_micka: The well-known SISM pro from The Netherlands has returned to the world of social media to give us his latest ground moves, akka combos, and tutorials. A street baller’s street baller, Kevin Micka is a must-have on the Instagram list.

@strackleugim_: Hailing from Mexico City, this street baller and panna player loves to train at Revolucion Mexico City along with his group of professional ballers, FR Masters AKKA. His videos give you a real feel for what Mexico City is like.

#Groundmoves #México #WS2 #westylestreetstyle #FRMA #FreestyleontheRue #MastersAkka #Leugim

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@wizfreestyle: Muhammad Wiz is actually from Sudan, but now lives in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Originally a panna player, Wiz has only been practicing ground moves for a year, and loves to train on the streets of Riyadh. “I just put my headphones on and do my thing.”

@streetsoccer_mihama_takahide: Mihama Takahide is one smooth brother when it comes to ground moves. Watch and be impressed with the speed and the flow.

@matthewgernaat: A FIFA street character and professional street soccer player, Gernaat can often be found teaching the next gen how to ball. He’s a classic man with great style and impeccable skill.

@edwardvangils_official: Edward van Gils. Enough said.


@streetdivisions: UK street football entrepreneur does his due diligence churning out solid videos frequently featuring young kids and well-known ballers. This Russian street football and freestyle team is killing it softly with ads for Adidas, Nike, G-Shock, and Coca-Cola.

@siou2004: The next street ball super star just might be Shiou Morikawa who has wowed the world with his panna and ground moves. Even at his young age, the baller is already competing against some impressive talent. We can’t wait to see what the kid does next!

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