Highlight Video: Watch the Neymar Jr.’s Five 2017 L.A. Qualifiers Here!

On April 1, 52 crews from the greater Los Angeles area flocked to Urban Soccer 5 Center in Norwalk to compete in the L.A. qualifiers of the Neymar Jr.’s Five global 5v5 competition. Tournament favorites TC Broders narrowly beat out FC La Habra in sudden-death overtime after a long, heated day of competition.

The Broders are last year’s reigning national champions, and will look to repeat their win in Miami later this summer. National winners around the world will advance to the final championship tournament in Praia Grande, Brazil, for the ultimate prize of the Neymar Jr.’s Five title, a chance to meet Neymar Jr., and a trip to Camp Nou. 

Find out more about the Neymar Jr.’s Five competition here

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