Daniel Got Hits Holds Nothing Back on F2 Diss Track

Freestyler and rapper Daniel Got Hits has dropped a controversial diss track aimed at the ever-so-popular F2 Freestylers. While many freestylers have enjoyed the track’s jabs at Jeremy Lynch, it isn’t quite as popular among fans of The F2.

Often outspoken and never unfiltered, Daniel Got Hits has never been afraid to express himself and speak his mind. This has never been more apparent than on his latest diss track “Tekkers”, aimed at the infamous duo of Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove, better known as The F2 Freestylers (or just “The F2” — or whatever they officially call themselves these days).

Jeremy Lynch (Left) and Billy Wingrove (right) make up football duo of The F2.

For anyone who doesn’t know Dan, not only has he been freestyling for more than 10 years, competing in the biggest competitions and performing all around the world, he has also kept quite busy with his music, with three albums and various singles available on Spotify and Apple Music.

However, it his latest track that has generated arguably the biggest internet buzz out of all his music. With countless jabs directed towards the uber-popular F2 Freestylers, specifically Lynch, “Tekkers” has polarized an audience of both freestylers and non-freestylers alike.

Daniel Got Hits doesn’t waste time with any subliminal lyrics, and with a repeated line in the chorus of “Jeremy Lynch you a b*tch/Man F you” — it’s clear that he doesn’t approve of Lynch whatsoever.

Because of the song’s inflammatory lyrics and the 6 million-plus F2 YouTube subscribers, it’s no surprise that it has ruffled some feathers among F2 fans.

“I thought it would be funny to make a diss track,” Daniel said. “I didn’t know people would take it so sensitively. At the end of the day I am a rapper, so instead of just writing s**t on social media, why not use my talent to make a song that is fun but also truthful?”

While fans of the F2 continue to defend Lynch and Wingrove, a lot of freestylers have resonated with the underlying messages of the track, and have felt that Daniel was simply saying what a lot of freestylers have been thinking for a long time.

While social media has undoubtedly played a huge role in the overall growth of freestyle football, it has also become immensely over-saturated, and more importantly, it has muddied the waters as to what actually should constitute as freestyle football. The F2 are easily one of the biggest perpetrators of this.

While many will argue that their marketability and entertainment factors are valid, these two, having been around for years, have inadvertently overshadowed the real side of freestyle football. This includes the hundreds of real freestylers who are approximately 23,701 times more skilfull with a football than they are.

By creating videos that contain some attempt at very basic freestyle along with crossbar shots and bin shots, it creates the perception that these tricks are on the same level of difficulty as a PATW or other advanced freestyle tricks.

It can be frustrating as a freestyler that some people — young kids especially — are unaware of many of the real talents out there and can naively rate The F2’s freestyle ability so highly.

Because of The F2’s popularity, it’s impossible for any freestyler to not be compared to them. Along with countless others, Daniel grew tired of this and decided to step up and get his point across, and quite bluntly at that.

Jeremy Lynch.

“I don’t really care what the reaction is of F2 whatsoever,” Daniel said. “I know they aren’t going to reply because they know they would get their ass whooped in a battle, especially Jeremy.”

While Dan doesn’t hold back on his onslaught of Lynch, who he says refused to shake his hand when they met in person, he maintains that Wingrove isn’t quite as disdained (“Yeah we only like Billy!”).

“People might think it’s a joke, and yeah that track is there for entertainment purposes, but I also don’t like Jeremy, he’s a mean guy,” Daniel said. “I don’t think that should be news to anyone but I don’t care, because if we were to meet in real life I know it would be exactly the same. Billy is a cool guy though.”

You can stream “Tekkers” on Spotify and SoundCloud. For more Daniel, give him a follow on Instagram

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