Creator’s Challenge: A Head-to-Head Concept Battle Between Two Rising Graphic Designers

As the field of concept kit design continues to blow up, we introduce Creator’s Challenge, a series in which two up-and-coming graphic designers go head-to-head to see who can create the best concept kit or boot mock-upThe first edition of Creator’s Challenge has CFK Designs going up against Football Kit Studio on a concept kit for Copenhagen Panna House.

The rules are simple — two rising designers create a concept design surrounding a theme that is chosen by an outside source. This source is someone who is both influential and knowledgeable in their respective field, whether it be fashion, art, or sport. The designers have free reign to create whatever they like, as long as it falls within the theme, such as a brand collaboration, throwback, or street team kit.

The theme for the inaugural edition of Creator’s Challenge was chosen by Copenhagen Panna House co-founder and street baller extraordinaire, Kristoffer Liicht. Fittingly, Liicht opted for the designers to create a custom Panna House kit for his elite collective of street ballers.


Football Kit Studio, real name Luis Pedro, is a Portugal native who was born on Madeira Island who currently lives in Braga. The 23-year-old medical student started drawing kits in a sketchbook at age 10, before transitioning to Photoshop when he was 18. As suggested by his name, his specialty is creating custom concept kits, which range from various pro teams to even Rick and Morty.

Pedro will be going up against CFK Designs, who preferred to solely disclose his first name, Thanos. The Greece native now lives in Sweden and has been in the concept design game for seven months now. Despite his relatively brief experience, he has quite the chops, and like his opponent, he specializes in concept kits (CFK stands for concept football kits).

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For those that don’t know, Copenagen Panna House is one of the world’s top street football crews, with members like Suell “Gypsy” Osmani, Amin Benmoumou, Anders Fiil, Jacob Corneliusen, and of course, Liicht himself. In addition to hosting one of the largest global street football tournaments — the Pannahouse Invitationals — the crew also runs a youth program, which aims to build the street culture from the ground up in Denmark.

Liicht provided the color scheme and CPH logo, but other than that, the designers had free reign to do whatever they chose.

concept football kit



Now that we have gotten to know the designers and the concept, we can finally get into the kits.

Football Kit Studio

concept football kit

concept football kit

concept football kit

CFK Designs

concept football kit

concept football kit

concept football kit

Who did it better? Let us know in the comment section below.

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