Top 10 Tekkers for the New Year

New Year, new tekkers! This week, we have another 10 inspiring videos with cool tricks and ideas to impress your family and friends for the holidays!

10. Spicy Ground Moves

A great mix of simple and complicated ground moves from Harriet Freestyle, ending with an impressive akka variation and even a kiss for the holidays.

9. Exotic Freestyle Rainbow and Heel Flick

This catchy combo incorporates a nice variety of freestyle moves including stalls, spins, and ATWs. Kleven’s clean foot stalls and smooth style give this video an artistic look that’s classy and pleasing to the eye.


A video posted by Lorenz Marius Kleven (@lmkfreestyle) on

8. Heavy on the Swag

Flawless style by Tom and Eduardo right here. Tom really impresses the crowd with some lowers and even some special combos with breakdancing moves, while Eduardo focuses on landing those ATWs to create a great balance of tricks.

Creative X Hardcore = @tom.kentta & @eduardofreestyle

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7. Street Ground Moves

The key here is to make your moves look easy, no matter how hard it is to land, and freeze frame on a butt shot. Mission accomplished.

Was bored today ?. #futsal #soccer #soccertricks #tricks #⚽ #today #lol #haha #creative #athlete #messi #ronaldo #futbol

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6. Footbag World Champ

Footbag, a close cousin of freestyle, is demo’d here by the world champ himself. These tricks are advanced and incredibly difficult to master, but the champ makes them look easy, breezy. Now who can do these same moves with a football? Anyone?

5. Upper Combos

Don’t forget the uppers! German freestyler Paul Breit shows us his upper combos in this video by mixing neck, shoulders, and head moves.

4. Ghost Akka

Leave it to the Panna World Champion to deliver the slickest and cleanest Ghost Akka. Even after watching this video a dozen times, it’s still hard to figure out how he does it! The beauty of the Ghost Akka!

3. Sick Technique

Antonio Michienzi is a fun freestyler to watch, as he’s laser-focused on this combo. Thoughts? He’s taking feedback!

2. Cataratas Falls

There’s nothing more beautiful to watch than a freestyler doing a spinning head stall with an incredible waterfall as a backdrop. Ahh, this is the life.

In love ⚽❤???? #Cataratas #falls #raquelfreestyle #Raquelbenetti

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1. Issy’s Ankle Breakers

The infamous Issy Hitman never disappoints when it comes to delivering some nasty tricks while balling. Here’s a fun Christmas gift he delivers to his defenders. Gooooaaaaalll!

Four people and a goalie? No problem for the Hitman. #issyhitmain #streetkings

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