Top 10 Tekkers: The Hustler’s Edition

This week’s Top 10 Tekkers is all about that next-level, end-me-now kinda tekkers. The skills that got you talking to yourself. Are these guys really that much better than me? We all know that skill comes from a whole lot of hard work, so today’s list is here to respect that hustle!

10. I Got Two On It

Looking for new freestyle goals? With this ATW, Ash Randall will give you something to work toward. Even in slo-mo, the move looks effortless and clean.

9. Crossbar Candybar

We give this crossbar triptych three snickers. Completed by the one-and-only Lisa Zimouche, her serious steez makes you realize, damn, it’s good to be a baller!


Which crossbar is your fav? 1,2 or 3 ?? tag your friends ?⚽️

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8. Mini-Master I

In honor of the upcoming STREET MATCH OF THE CENTURY, we present one of the illest competitors on the scene, Shiou. Shiou is already well-known in the street football community, because this lil man is dope beyond his years. Even his video is like no music? No problem! I got this.

7. Mini-Master, Part Deux

Two-time U15 Belgium panna champ Mehdi Amri is shown here being the tiny tornado that he is. Amri will face off with Shiou at previously mentioned street match of the century (aka Pannahouse Invitationals) and take it from us, the battles there are gonna be FIRE. We’re afraid. We’re very afraid.

1,2,3,4 or 5❓? @433 @pannastreetz @pannahouse @abdoul_fs

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6. Freestyle Bae

Tom Folan, stop it boy. You crazy. These lowers, those PATWs, and he’s a vegan activist? Mmhmm, #newfreestylebae.

Meditation☀️? // MUSIC?: chief. – stay

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5. Neymar, I Am

And now, a short film on the sprightliest, liveliest, nimblest of Brazilians to grace our screens, Neymar “I Am the Man” Jr. Grab some popcorn, this journey is a tearjerker.

4. Get On the Beat

Ticky-tick-tack, ticky-ticky-tick-tack. These ground moves sound as beautiful as they look, and they’re as catchy as the catchiest thing on the internet this week. Guaranteed to make you bob your head.

3. Y’all Got Nets?

Ground moves for days and a metal post for a goal … It’s officially street rules, son.

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2. Coordinated Stunts

While the other children were at home, fast asleep in their beds, these two killers were happily practicing some sleek ground moves, and even coordinated a joyful ending. Really, what else do you need in life beside a ball?

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1. Boyz II Men

There comes a time in every panna kid’s life when he goes from a grasshopper to a contender. For Ali Jassem, aka Jasseminho, that time is now. A star is born.

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