Top 10 Tekkers for the Holidays

It’s that time for more of our favorite tekker videos! From ping pong solo cup tricks to “soccer bowling,” here’s some of the new trends happening this holiday season.

10. Ice … Soccer?

Well this is definitely a twist on winter sports. Mixing hockey and soccer is quite the challenge, but these ballers have successfully done it. Controlling the ball on ice might be the new goal for the winter season!

9. Quick Mix


@leamssiofficiel ?? Tag someone you #Nutmeg ? He’s too good ? ••••


A video posted by Football Soccer Futbol (Kai) (@thekg4) on

This is a nice video collection featuring some impressive nutmegs, groundmoves, and a rare double panna!

8. Justin Bieber x Neymar


? Neymar Jr x Justin Bieber

A video posted by Skills • Freestyle • Tekkers (@skillsweekly) on

Neymar’s impeccable touch always mesmerizes, but Justin Bieber with soccer skill? In this clip of the two besties playing keepie uppies, the ball surprisingly doesn’t drop once! I guess we should all keep beliebing!

7. Panna 101

Here’s a tasty panna fix for ya—freestyle champ Erlend Fagerli getting a little lesson from the Pannahouse! Freestylers take note: keep legs closed around street ballers.

6. Groundmove Bowling

Haters will says it’s fake! ??? #nassereljackson #teameljackson

A video posted by ⚽️ Creator Of #TEAMELJACKSON (@nassereljackson) on

Street players are known for their creativity and precision, so this combo involving humans as bowling pins makes sense, right? Not only does the groundmove combo need to be executed perfectly, the pass has to be on target to get that strike!

5. Monta, Monta, Monta

Testing that crazy #damsco from @montasoccer ⚡️? Feeling good ❌✖️❌? #montasoccer #damsco #amsterdam #groundmoves

A video posted by All Over The World? (@soufianebencok) on

Monta Soccer is a unique street ball company with soccer balls that cater specifically to the streets. The look, vibe, and feel of the ball have got the attention of major street players like the master himself, Soufiane Bencok.

4. The Moonwalk Combo

Leave it to the ballers from Street Divisions to come up with some of the sleekest new moves and combos. This combo is especially cool since it adds the recently popular moonwalk move. Using your toes and heels can be challenging but these guys make it look clean!

3. Freestyle Pong

Oh man, move over bottle flipping, this solo cup thing is catching on. This baller took inspiration from freestyle hero Borgetti to do a different trick with a ping pong ball into a group of plastic cups.

2. Earn that Swag

IT’S UP. I PROMISE. (P.S- I’m talking about the new Limitless episode, link is in my bio ?) Enjoy! @umarfreestyle

A video posted by Caitlyn Schrepfer (@caitfreestyle) on

Nothing deserves a round of applause like making a tough trick look effortless. And the road to effortless is A LOT of dang work. Freestylers Caitlyn Schrepfer and Umar Dalati show how they get their freestyle on, one tekker at a time.

1. Goalie Love

Tim #howard is insane ?? rate this save 1-10 ?

A video posted by Global Football Content (@futball.mania) on

We talk a lot about the skill and endurance of street players, but let’s not forget the goalies! The reaction time of USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard snatching the ball out of the net just in the nick of time separates a good save from a great one. Is this guy even human?

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