Feed Your Soul With This Week’s Top 10 Tekkers

Some crave chocolate when their soul needs a moment of happiness and comfort. For others, watching insane skills and tekkers does the same. For those in the latter category, it’s time to get your fix of the best clips of the week. From ground moves to freestyle, akkas to ATWs, enjoy some of the finest skills the football world has to offer.

10. Unleash Your Power

Every day, these youngsters are making strides bigger than we can comprehend. At 8 years old, Gabrielle Parker already has juggling skills better than those twice her age. What’s even more impressive is that she uses a full size ball and stalls it on her foot for a good amount of time. Give it another year and we’ll probably see her doing ATWs and groundmoves like there ain’t no tomorrow.

9. Berlin For the Win

Although G Fox does not have the biggest social media following, he is definitely an undercover talent. While his freestyle is solid, his ground moves are impeccable. Seriously, his akkas are simply perfection. Berlin has become home for amazing talent and it has definitely been quite the journey watching these players develop. Panna Berlin movement for the win.

8. Freestyle Madness

Robin Stafwerfeldt is a 17-year-old freestyler that is taking off in the sport. This clip showcases his versatility, going from uppers to some nifty sole stalls and finishing with lowers. Robin is definitely a rising talent that we should keep an eye out for.

7. Panna Invasion

Japan has become a hotbed for amazing panna players and ground movers, especially in this next upcoming generation. Young baller Yuuya looks like he’s gliding with the ball, and his skills in the panna ring look effortless.

6. God Bless America

Coming from Boston, Massachusetts is Torin Lynch, the 15-year-old baller who is helping the U.S. step its women’s freestyle game up. Recently, she was at the U.S. Freestyle Championships, competing with some of the best freestylers in the country. The beauty about freestyle is that, as long as you have a ball, you can get some work in no matter where you are. In this case, not even TSA can stop Torin from knocking out some combos at the airport.

Airport tekkers✈️ after getting yelled at by the pissy old man??

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5. All the Way Up!

When thinking incredible control in lowers, John Farnworth is the man. His experiences in freestyle have taken him to some incredible places, including the home of football icon Christiano Ronaldo. That of course was not enough. So, John decided to climb 600 feet up and juggle in the sketchiest position possible. I wonder if he’s afraid of heights?

Everyday push your limits – Freestyle at 600ft ⚽️Full Video in Bio ?#footballfreestyle #433skills #433

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4. All Damn Day

After finishing in the top 16 in the Oceania championships last year, Australian Cameron Delvin is continuing to boost his confidence and reputation as a freestyler. With his smooth lowers and back heel juggles, Cameron definitely has a chance to bring his game to the next level. In a video that goes from daytime to nighttime, it is clear he is spending his time doing what he loves.

Sorry there’s no sound music got copyrighted ect. @harry.sloman @ausfreestyle

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3. Top Gear

From Spain to England to Berlin, the infamous Yahya has had his ground move influence felt across the world. His talent is composed of incredible speed and insane control, and he lets his ridiculous ground moves do all of the talking for him. Yahya has come up with some of the most interesting and creative ways to put the ball between people’s legs, making him so much fun to watch.

2. Zoom Zoom

Oscar Lenin from Argentina is definitely a impressive freestyler. He shows his capabilities by starting with some strong lowers, then moving into uppers to really get things heated, before ending with a solid j-stall. Everything about this is just fresh, although the unique zoom effect added to the video will have you feeling a little dizzy.

1. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Ok, Alexseev is a pure lowers monster. Not only is his endurance on another level, his focus and control are remarkably superior. Maybe the next freestyle competition should be a test to see who could do ATWs the longest without dropping the ball. My money is on Alekseev.

Hard work and dedication? #fslife #freestylefootball #ekaterinburg #ekb #iamafreestyler @iamafreestyler

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