Top 10 Tekkers: Balling in the Sunshine

Summertime is just around the corner, and freestylers and street ballers around the world are tuning up their games for major tournaments like Super Ball and the Copenhagen Panna House Invitationals. For those of us incapable of executing these incredible tricks and moves, the next best thing is to watch. For the select few that can, there’s no better way to get the creative juices flowing than by checking out what the competition is up to. Regardless of which category you may fall under, we can all agree that these clips often have us in awe and are entertaining to no end.

Even though the fun times may only last for a short span before the next big trick, we enjoy every tekker from every baller. Now without further ado, let’s get into the latest edition of Top 10 Tekkers.

10. Panna Game Strong

India has been on the rise as far as street ballers go. Atharva is a competitive 18-year-old panna player that has improved his game on the streets of India. He has been training and learning panna and ground moves for about 11 months now and has already been able to compete in a couple competitions within India, including the Indian Panna Championships. His dream is to visit Denmark and meet Kristoffer Liicht and Soufiane Bencok.

9. German Ground Moves

From the baller-rich country of Germany comes the baller known as G Fox, who reps the infamous Panna Match Berlin. As a freestyler, he has some decent lowers, but as a ground move street baller, he is pretty filthy in the panna ring. Check out some of his clips, especially the ones from The Base Berlin.

8. The Pancake Challenge

Jevaughn Vance has went from playing professionally in the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago to now starting his own training program, Advance Soccer Training. Located in New Jersey, Vance specializes in technical, physical, and psychological training. His drills usually consist of volleys and half-volleys, but he decided to add a little spice to it with the Pancake Challenge. Can you do it?

7. Happy Feels

Adi Supriadi, aka Ady Rikudo, is 27 years old and comes from the city of Purwakarta in the islands of Indonesia. He has been freestyling since 2014 and practices street ball as well as futsal. He has a couple of second place finishes at various tournaments, including the InterSport Passion Goal Triple Soccer Competition. His favorite shoes are the Puma Archive and his favorite ball is the Monta soccer ball.

6. Sister Sister

Meet the next big freestyle duet, Astrid and Pernille. These two 13-year-old girls could be the next next big Norwegian duo after the Fagerli brothers! The Skilz Sisters will definitely be competing in hardcore lowers in the future. Their endurance and ability to do long lowers combos are growing. Keep an eye out!

5. With the Sits

Taymoor Hbaish is a freestyler from Yarka, Israel and is on the come up. He is very creative with his flow and has impressively fluent sits tricks.

Some new sh#$ from today. ? ? Devil’s plan – Dax

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4. Bring It Back to the Beginning

At 26 years old, Yascin Saidani is already a veteran in the freestyle game. With 10 years of experience under his belt, he has competed all over the world including at Super Ball. His freestyle squad, the Stylers Crew, has won plenty of prizes and competitions around Morocco as well as elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East, all without a large following or sponsors. Among these prizes include a victory over the almighty S3. He is also the President of the Maroc Freestyle Ball Association, which is the first freestyle association in his country.

3. Overcoming Adversity

Coming from Poland is a huge inspiration and another reason why we call football the beautiful game. Piotrek Olearnik has trained for three years now, taking occasional breaks due to school or injuries, but that hasn’t slowed him down.

“Freestyle is basically the best thing I have in my life and can’t imagine a week without kicking the ball around,” he said.

2. Street Swag

Those Japanese ballers are just next level, right? Takuto Koguro reps Panna Home and has been invited to some prestigious street tournaments like the Pannahouse Invitationals. He likes to practice around his house in the neighborhood and loves using the Monta Ball as well. He has been training for about three years and won the first All Japan Panna Championship Tournament.

1. Beast Mode Creativity

This guy is seriously crazy. Vladislav Kostuchenko from Belarus is a 25-year-old freestyler that is killing the freestyle game in his country. His favorite move is the Petrodick and has been freestyling for six-and-a-half years now. He also participated in a huge international circus festival known as Cirque de Demain in Paris last year. If he could compete against anyone it would be Ko-Suke from Japan. When he’s not freestyling, you’ll probably find Vladislav eating his grandma’s pancakes somewhere.

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