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How Three Lower-League American Clubs Created the Best Kits of 2020

As summer approaches, three American soccer clubs have brought in a heat wave of new kits. In addition to seeing what Indy Eleven, Forward...

Descending the Pyramid: The Fan-First Structure Behind Indy Eleven

Exploring some of the most compelling lower division teams in the United States, our Descending the Pyramid series continues with Indy Eleven. With a...

The Five Best 2020 USL Championship Kits

It may be a tier below MLS, but there's nothing second rate about USL Championship kits. From simple minimalist designs to ambitious works of...

The Urban Pitch Guide to the Best #MerchDay Apparel

In honor of the third official Merch Day, we've put together a comprehensive guide of some of the best kits and apparel for you...


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