Marcelo and Zidane Join the Adidas Tango Squad for ‘Creativity Gets You Noticed’ Video

Don’t try this at home — or more accurately — don’t try this at your local stadium. For its latest Creators Never Follow campaign video, Adidas follows several of the best Tango League ballers from around the world as they sneak into Real Madrid’s legendary Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

As the Tango Leaguers, decked out in Adidas’ latest Ocean Storm kicks, find their way to the stadium’s pitch, we get a cameo from no one else but Real Madrid captain Marcelo, as he attempts to stop the young ballers. You can imagine how the rest goes. In addition, Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane makes an appearance as well, observing the commotion from the stadium’s surveillance room.

As Marcelo and Zidane can do nothing but smile in admiration of the brazenness and skills of the Tango Squad, it reinforces that to get noticed, you have to be a little creative.

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