Malaysia’s Do-It-All Baller Zeem Ahmad “Keeps It Street” and Shares His Urban Picks

Zeem Ahmad is one of those rare specimens that will meg you without a thought and then proceed to dazzle you with his freestyle skills. As one of these crossbreed talents, he has competed at the highest level, whether it be the Copenhagen Panna House Invitationals or the F3 Asian Championships.

On top of his insane skills, he has been actively been involved with the KeepItStreet brand, which organizes tournaments as well as produces gear for freestylers.

We got the chance to talk to the 21-year-old jack-of-all-trades and get to know him a little better. Check it out below.

Urban Pitch: You’ve had a busy year competing in freestyle, futsal, and panna tournaments—what else have you been working on lately? 

Zeem Ahmad: Currently, I am focusing on my product, “KeepItStreet.” I’ve been going from place to place performing and promoting my product at local events. I just got back from Pulau Langkawi to clear things off my mind, with the help of some freestyle time.

Still with the Ball ☮ #cenangbeach #langkawi

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How has the rising competitiveness and popularity of freestyle affected you?

It has made me want to try some more creative moves and practice more so I can get to a higher level.

Zeem Ahmad’s Urban Picks

Junk Food:

1. Burgers
2. Pizza
3. Donuts

Football Players:

1. Andres Iniesta
2. Xavi
3. Lionel Messi

Football Brands:

1. Puma
2. Adidas
3. Nike


1. Russ, “Goodbye”
2. Radiohead, “Street Spirit”
3. Tupac, “Dear Mama”


3 Idiots

City to Visit:


Sporting Events:

1. Panna
2. BMX
3. B-boy


1. Charly
2. Szymo
3. Clem Keym

Music Artists:

1. King Lil G
2. Tupac
3. Russ

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