Kick Off Your Labor Day Weekend in Style With This Week’s Top 10 Tekkers!

What better way to start your long weekend than some of the sickest tekkers the world has to offer? With Super Ball just wrapping up, you know we’ve got some fresh clips for you. Sit back, relax, and let yourself go as we bring you a fresh edition of Top 10 Tekkers.

10. Akka-mazing

There’s something about the swag of street ballers in Indonesia that just screams flavor for the game. Seeing these youngsters practice in all kinds of exotic landscapes is both unique and challenging. Here we see Ayi working on some ground moves, and it’s clear that he has definitely put some work into his technique. Of course, there’s always room to improve, but that Akka 3000 finish was pretty clean.

9. Girl Power

As always, this year’s Super Ball was an incredible experience with some of the best competition we have seen thus far. Martyna Gaworek popped up from under the radar on the girls’ side this year as a tough competitor. Despite her humble caption, there’s no doubting Gaworek’s skills.

8. Russian Swag

Russian freestyler Mikhail Trofimov brings an exotic style to the table, and in this clip we see him effortlessly pull off some tricks inspired by many different freestylers. From the double toe taps, to variations of different stalls and ATWs, Trofimov’s flow is too dope. It doesn’t hurt that the video has some top-notch editing as well, with some fitting music that lines up perfectly with his moves.

Провожаю август. Ты был мне как июль. Some combos, friends! @har1ammm жду комментарий по поводу теории заговора против фристайла, в виде 76 перекатываний под мостом ? . #fslife #freestylesoccer #freestylefootball #freestyle #footballfreestyle #futsal #tricks #skills #superball #iamafreestyler #freestyler #433skills #tekkers #s3 #footwork #skillz #fre365tyle #footballvine #tekneek #footballer #hardwork #streetstyle #power #dope #team433 #athletes #streetstyle #фристайл #summer #zenit . @freefootworld @fre365tyle @freestyletalents @freestylerussia @wtfskills @433 @footyskill7ers @wahabfs @iamafreestyler

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7. Open Sesame

It wouldn’t be Top 10 Tekkers without a proper panna compilation. Leoh Vazquez from Buenos Aires Street Soccer team has some sick ground moves to throw down in the panna cage. Some of these megs are off the hook! My personal favorite has to be the rabona panna. Regardless, Leoh’s style is so smooth, which makes it hard to trace the ball. You’ll find yourself getting lost before the ball ends up between your legs.

6. Training and Tekkers

It’s always beautiful to see the youth pushing their limits and improving their strength, conditioning and technical skills. New-school workouts combine a circuit to test skills as well as endurance. High jumps, quick feet, ball control and a parachute to top it all off? Many people struggle doing that as adults, but Sophia Kyritsis shows us all how it’s properly done.

Never lower your standards; keep raising your game. @s_kyritsis ?⚡️?⚽️

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5. The No Look Challenge

The new no look challenge that has been going around really tests players’ feel for their surroundings. Alexey Gurkin from Moscow shows us his feel with a couple unique strikes of the crossbar. Pass this challenge on and see who can one-up him.

4. Mastering the Sits

Ok, these 16-year-old kids are really getting good. While they aren’t as flashy as lowers, sits are no joke and are incredibly difficult, but Jesus Ramirez from Mexico makes them look easy. From perfect juggling to smooth transitions into J-stall variations, the whole flow is extremely impressive.

Sits training and jstall transition #fslife #freestylefootball

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3. Lisbon Streets

In the middle of Lisbon, Portugal, Rafael Couto show us what’s up when it comes to high ATW combos. Watch his foot get up to face level while he throws in some of the smoothest stalls, transitions and ATWs with his lowers.

2. Elevated Simplicity

It’s truly incredible how quickly freestyle has improved over the past few years. Even someone like Erlend, who looked untouchable at last year’s Super Ball, fell in the semifinals this year. Kazane demonstrates just how far freestyle has come with this routine that is dripping with swagger and pure creativity.

While landing the toughest moves will get you far in competitions, adding a personal touch to some simple moves to elevate them can sometimes be even more impressive.

. I go top16. . 300人を越える世界の強豪プレイヤーの中、16人に残りました! . 昨年に続きファイナル出場で、とても光栄です。ダブルルーティン(パフォーマンス部門)もファイナルに進出したので、あとは世界の舞台で暴れるだけです! . 引き続き個人もダブルルーティンも応援よろしくお願いします! . 現地時刻で明日の18時ごろからです! . #freestylefootball #freestylefootballer #streetsoccer #streetstyle #freefootworld #superball #superball2017 #fslife #fr365tyle #freestyleranks #kazane #yo #ibuki #toyotires #masaco #younger #akanesas #aminofinal #AMINOFINAL #アミノファイナル #footy #フーティー #faceupjapan #airtechnician #teenfree

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1. Rain or Shine

Mad respect for this crazy youngster for running out in the middle of the hurricane just to ball out. Going barefoot in these wet conditions isn’t always the best idea, as seen by his multiple near-falls in the clip. However, we can’t knock the hustle, as we’d probably be inside on the couch with some Netflix on the screen in that weather.

HURRICANE Football ⚡️?? #Mexico #Cancun #moonpalace #hurricane #lightning #football #soccer #skills #tekkerz #rain #FreestyleFootball

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