Freestyler’s Playlist: One-of-a-Kind Brazilian Freestyle Veteran Thiago Saltori and the Elevating Power of Music

Last summer, we got to know one of freestyle’s most unique characters, 32-year-old Thiago Saltori. Paired with his experiences traveling the world, the Brazilian freestyle veteran’s studies in traditional Chinese medicine have made him one of the most enlightened freestylers around.

His alternative medicinal background has also contributed to his freestyle longevity, giving him the ability to hang with peers nearly half his age. Saltori uses everything from acupuncture to radionic crystals to heal himself and those around him.

In addition, he is constantly looking for ways to improve himself, and is never scared to try something new along the way.

“Through freestyle I have traveled the world, and learned things I would never know by just standing where I was,” Saltori said. “I do my best to push my limits and help the people around me seek constant progress. I try to make the world a better place, and I live for it.”

But how does this seemingly wise-beyond-his-years freestyler use music? For his Freestyler’s Playlist, he has employed a mix of EDM and hip-hop, which he uses to give him that extra push during both his training sessions and everyday challenges.

“Music is one of the easiest and even healthiest ways to feel elevated,” Saltori said. “The rhythm, the beat, and the lyrics can help us get that little extra push to go further and feel inspired. It’s essential to program your mind to do things in the best possible way, and music is a valuable asset.”

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