Do We Have What It Takes to Become Part of Neymar Jr’s Team?

Accompanying the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five tournament, the #NEYMARJRSTEAM campaign gives people all over the world a chance to earn a coveted spot on Neymar’s squad at the world finals in Brazil. Each month, Red Bull will select one player and one supporter to join Neymar either on the pitch or on the bench as he takes on the world champion five-a-side team. Being the competitive folks that we are, we had to get in on the action, and we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our entry. 

Now in its third year, there are no signs of slowing down for the world’s largest five-a-side tournament. Neymar Jr. and Red Bull have brought the no-goalie, small-sided game into the spotlight, and it’s been amazing to see the competition grow from what it was in its inception to what it is today.

In addition to adding a women’s competition this year, a big upgrade to this year’s tournament is the #NEYMARJRSTEAM contest, in which Neymar is giving fans and players a chance to be part of his squad for the finals. Say what!? That’s right, by uploading a photo, video, or Boomerang on Instagram, you have the opportunity to be selected to either hang out with or even play on Neymar’s team. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Well, being part of the squad ain’t as easy it sounds. Red Bull is notorious for publishing some of the most catchy, unique content that captures the audience’s attention with ease, and you always need to be thinking out of the box. Plus, with so many people wanting to be part of Neymar’s team, there’s bound to be some top-notch competition.

Needless to say, I had my work cut out for me for this entry. When trying to producing creative content that is both catchy and comical, you realize quickly that it’s quite the challenge. I was scoping through some of the other month’s winners and it ranged from insane freestyle football skills to humorous, clever pictures. What to do?

My first thought when creating a skit was simply to revolve it around the purpose of Red Bull — to vitalize and energize the soul. That moment, I had an idea that was for sure worth a million bucks. I was going to pretend that I fell into a dream where I drank a can of Red Bull and started flying in the air. The camera would be pointed upwards towards my chin and I would be wearing a cape. Then the camera angle would slowly begin to change to only reveal the fact that i was actually lying on a table with a fan blowing on my face…

Ok, maybe that was not the most clever idea. It did help me realize that filming skits also required a lot of attention to the details of the camera though. After some more frustration from failed thoughts, it finally came to me. How could I change my mediocre freestyle football skills into world class skills after drinking a Red Bull? Good thing Urban Pitch resident pro freestyler Caitlyn Schrepfer was around to help solve the problem. See if you can tell when she comes in. (Hint: It’s not that obvious.)

Hopefully that’s good enough to get us on Neymar’s squad, but if it’s not we’ll settle for watching from the sidelines. What do you think about our entry? Can you do better?

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