Chopping It Up With Alexis Guerreros, One Half of the Hilarious ‘The Cooligans’ TV Show

Outspoken and unapologetic, Alexis Guerreros is the louder half of The Cooligans, a comedic soccer podcast and TV show on the fubo Sports Network. In our latest podcast episode, we sit down with the Newark, New Jersey born and bred comedian to discuss the show’s origins, haters, and that infamous LAFC bathroom incident.

You can feel Alexis Guerreros’ presence in every room he’s in. His raspy baritone and New Jersey cadence is impossible to miss, and what he says is just as alluring as how he says it. His keen comedic sense and timing has been a key factor to the success of The Cooligansa semiweekly TV show he hosts alongside fellow comedian Christian Polanco.

alexis guerreros cooligans

alexis guerreros cooligans

Covering current events in MLS and global soccer as well as featuring illustrious guests, the show’s loose talk show format allows both Guerreros and Polanco to get off all kinds of hot takes and outrageous jokes — and more importantly they’re able to be themselves on set.

But despite the show’s popularity and cult following, Guerreros is a stand-up comedian first, TV host second. He makes it a point to try and get stage time seven nights a week, whether he’s in his home of New York City or elsewhere across the country. In fact, The Cooligans was started as a way to keep both him and Polanco busy during the day before they hit the comedy club circuit at night, and neither of them envisioned it blowing up as it has.

Before they landed a TV deal with fubo Sports Network, The Cooligans was (and still is) a weekly podcast whose original studio was either Guerreros’ kitchen or Polanco’s living room. They haven’t missed a Wednesday since they started in 2015.

From DIY studios to professional sets, Guerreros and Polanco have amassed a formidable audience through their contrasting styles. Whereas Polanco is the cool and composed center back of the show, Guerreros is the wild and untamed striker, constantly firing off shots from outside the box and sending out inflammatory tweets to his opposition before and after the match. And while the dualistic styles of the two hosts has worked in their favor, Guerreros’ outspokenness has gotten them into trouble at times.

alexis guerreros cooligans

alexis guerreros cooligans

In our latest podcast episode, Guerreros tells us a few stories about how a Twitter rant unintentionally started a beef with COPA90 US, and how a joke taken the wrong way almost led to a fight with a Men In Blazers fan. But he’s not about to change anything up. His brazenness is what got him here, and it’s either going to continue to carry him or cause a street brawl between Cooligans fans and their Reddit haters. Our money is on the former.

You can view the podcast in its entirety above, or listen to the audio via Apple or SoundCloud. Be sure to follow Alexis Guerreros on Instagram and Twitter, and catch The Cooligans on the fubo Sports Network on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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