Top 10 Tekkers: World Cup Fun

Has anyone else been mesmerized by the results from the World Cup so far? Germany losing to Mexico, Russia storming through the group, and the incredible Portugal-Spain match have successfully made this a dramatic World Cup so far. However, far away from the pristine pitches in Russia are the rugged ones on the streets, where ballers all over the globe are working on perfecting their street and freestyle football skills.

Football is changing before us and a lot of it has to do with the underground ballers practicing technique and pushing the sport forward. This edition of Top 10 Tekkers highlights some of the coolest new tricks and innovative ideas that propel the sport.

10. Too Much Love for the Game

Janelly Farias is pure awesomeness. She plays on the Mexican national team and is currently playing professionally in Cyprus. It’s always impressive to see the top-level professional athletes who also practice a little bit of flair and freestyle.

9. Currently at the World Cup…

What is even going on in Russia right now? The World Cup seems so hype right now thanks to all the fun times and events going on. The FIFA fan fest is a very cool experience as it airs the games outside of the stadium with a lively and jovial atmosphere. Linar and his freestyle gang made their ways on stage for a performance. Seems like the first time Russians aren’t doing the “Russian dance.”

8. The Dual Athlete

Adrian Mikos is one of the many uber-talented freestyles coming out of Poland. He has made it into the top 16 at the Polish national championships and is improving day by the day. Even though he has great talent in freestyle, this baller has some ground moves as well!

7. The Quest to Panna

Panna Korea is a fun movement occurring in the South Korean streets. They have been setting up panna rings wherever they go and have been challenging players left and right helping the sport grow. OJB is the founder for the program and he has some solid ground moves to back it! Check out some of his swaggy moves from the last adidas event.

6. The Most Peaceful Meg

If you haven’t heard of Street Soccer Belgium, you’re missing out. Jaimy Schallenbergh is a skills coach for the street academy, which has a big focus on the game of panna. This meg is so fresh and so clean. Besides the panna, the best part of this video has to be the kiss Jaimy gives to the camera to show that he knew exactly what he was doing.

5. I Warned You Not to Take the Ball, Bro!

Youth development has been on another planet lately. The next generation are making clowns out of everyone with their skills and technique. It’s as if every kid is the future Neymar. Well, the mini Neymars are not a force to be messed with. Get in their way and feel the force!

4. When Life Gives You Lemmens…

Poland is very rich in talented freestylers and football players. Of the top freestylers, Konrad Dybas rules the throne. He won the championship for the Polish Sick 3 twice in a row a couple years back and was the Challenge world runner-up last year. This Sick 3 combo is clean and crisp, complete with three variations of a Lemmens ATW.

3. The God

It’s so impressive when a player destroys his opponent effortlessly, especially in the fast-paced, close-confined game of futsal. Speed of execution is critical especially when juking defenders and goalies. One of the kings of futsal, Falcao posted these highlights to give a little taste of what he is capable of. Here’s some flicks, megs and tekkers.

2. Team El Jackson

In the street football world, the El Jackson family is very well respected. They are a huge source of innovative tricks and ground moves used in panna. Adnane, aka Adje, just made a new variation for an eye-twisting Akka known as the Akkadje. These guys are seriously next level with their Akkas.

1. Sticks and Stones

They say sticks and stones will break bones, but can several baseballs being batted break your goalie? This guy is the king of reflex practice when it comes to goalkeeper training. The most unique part about it is that he’s not using crazy expensive equipment, he’s just making it work with whatever he has. This is why Diego Svery’s training video has earned the No. 1 spot for this week’s Top 10 Tekkers. Respect!


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