Top 10 Tekkers: Copenhagen Panna House, Bizex, and More!

Grab some popcorn and get cozy because it’s time for your weekly supply of the newest and coolest videos on social media. Sit back, relax and enjoy these stunning videos.

10. Some Raw Futsal Footwork

Mustafa Caliskan from Belgium’s street football scene shows off some ground moves, throwing a variety of drags and fakes against a defender, and impresses us with fluent technique and good flow.

9. The New CPH Generation

Copenhagen Panna House is breeding some amazing new ballers. This video highlights two of CPH’s talents—Omid Ganjjou and Noah Kofi Collatz. There is nothing but love and passion when it comes to these guys and football.

8. Hip-Hop and Freestyle

LA’s Alex Mendoza was featured in a video created by TRFilmz. Combining freestyle with hip-hop gives it a unique edge and makes every trick that much cooler. (P.S. Check out our Freestyler’s Playlists for some ideas on music to spark up your game.)

7. Smooth Sailing

It’s always great having some panna action light up the room! PannaPro is a great time filled with humiliating your opponent and plenty of laughs. This week, Bizex, one of the founders of both Street Madness and PannaPro, shows us some dope ground moves to destroy your opponent—keeping your eye on the ball won’t help when it moves that quickly!

6. Some Impressive Triples

Max Meyer is one of Germany’s top freestylers, especially when it comes to nailing triples. Honestly, this guy moves his legs so fast and lands triple ATWs on repeat. Doing one triple is already legendary, but multiple variations of it is just next level.

⚽Triplessss?? Let me know which one you like most?? #fslife #iamafreestyler

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5. Elastico Megs

Here’s a fun set of megs all done in elastico variations. Zeem Ahmad brings out some swaggy pannas by adding a different type of elastico to his combo. These variations are clean and really easy to learn and do.

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4. Some Italian Freestyle

It’s good to see the freestyle movement inspiring people in all countries. Davide Pisani is one of Italy’s top freestylers and is highly competitive in world rankings as well. His ability to continue long and powerful combos has helped him rise up in rankings. See why they call him the ‘fast foot.’

3. Straight Roasted

One of the greatest things to see in younger kids when they ball is their courage to face older players without being intimidated. This young baller not only roasted his old defender, he flat out humiliated him with a steezy Maradona helicopter, leaving his more mature defender in the dust.

Always a pleasure to see children embrace skills and use them effectively @azdad.m #streetsoccer #futsal

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2. Now Put a Little Spin On It

This is a unique combo put out by the baller Qusai. He adds inside-the-foot as well as outside-the-foot curves on the ball while creating this ground moves variation.

1. Pair Freestyle Combo

To end this fun list, here is a video of Hampus Jelf and Olle Wallinder from Sweden performing a charming combo together. These young Swedes are in their early 20s and have a lot of potential as athletes.

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