Top 10 Tekkers: Wild, Crazy, and Fun

The past few weeks have been chock-full of entertainment in the world of football, from insane UCL matches to impressive tekkers from freestylers and ground movers. This week, we take a break from the grind to celebrate some shocking, free-wheeling, and flat-out hilarious clips.

10. The Devil Wears Blanco

The second leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinals between the two Madrids was a fierce battle for a spot in the finals. This devilish move on the baseline by Benzema against three (3!) Atlético defenders gave Isco and Real Madrid the goal to lock in the lead. Incredible ball control and a great finish for Real left many a jaw on the floor.

9. Just Add Skill

If you want to play football, all you need is a ball. If you want to play panna, just add a couple of crates, a few boards and you got yourself a sweet panna cage. Now the ground moves, that’s up to you.

8. Bencok for Prez

Soufiane Bencok is someone that just brings a smile to your face. Watching the street legend and member of S3 Society do his thing is pure pleasure. Here he is in Copenhagen inspiring the youth with his charm and skills. What a great role model!

7. Use the Force

With his eyes covered, the legendary Ronaldinho draws on Jedi skills to impress us with superhuman-like touches on the ball. Master is he.

Players try KickUps while blindfolded ??? #Ronaldinho though! ? • • • No copyright intended Dm for instant removal

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6. 3 Steps to Happiness

If you want to be happy, follow these simple habits of the panna-ists: Step into a crowd, watch for open legs, pass ball through open legs, and enjoy! S3’s Trafalgar and Moss Wassim experience pure joy in this 1v1 subway panna competition. It’s a problem-free philosophy!

5. Child’s Play

Ten-year-old Leonel Sabanovic from Sweden has clearly been hard at work—check out those lowers, followed by some sits, and a couple sole stalls. Solid work from a talented lil dude. Shout-out to the pony curtain in the background!

4. Warning: Do Not Try This at Home!

This was too fire not to include, but PLEASE do NOT try this on a former wide receiver at home. As one of the dirtiest and perfectly executed snakes, only someone like Edward van Gils can and should try to elicit the funniest of flinches from Chad Johnson. He’s a baaad man.

3. The Next Big Thing!

We’re calling it right now, Bicycle Football, the next big thing! Okay maybe not quite, but it’s still cool to see how people are thinking of even crazier ways to play the game. S/o to majd_belghit with the comment we’re all thinking: “Wtf it’s too hard.”

2. When Ball is Just an Extension of Your Body

This is just out of control. A slackline, guitar, and a ball!? This surely defies human physics, or this man was born juggling a soccer ball and playing a guitar. The song he plays is pretty good too!

Talk about multitasking…?⚽️? @rclivramentoreal

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1. Be Yourself. Seriously

We’re ending this week’s list with a very valuable lesson: Watch the best ballers in the world and aspire to be great, but remember to be unique in your own way rather than try to replicate another person. Sometimes, this lesson has more value than you imagine.

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