Top 10 Tekkers to Kick Off March!

Seasons are changing, and so is the game. This week, we dive into some of the best tekkers on social media, from freestyle, street ball, pannas, and the latest in trick shots.

10. Aylin Yaren Reps Hard for Germany

Aylin is not only a solid freestyler, but also plays professional football on the big pitch for Arminia Bielefeld. Here she shows off some of her skills at Adidas’ The Base Berlin.

9. Soccer Assassins Still Killin’ The Game

These GPS Soccer Assassins are really changing the technical game with these ‘never-before-seen’ drills that incorporate quick thinking, agility, stamina, precise ball control, and of course mind-blowing volleys. The explosive dynamic workouts target every aspect of technical development. Featured ballers Chelsea and Shawna do a duo workout this week to keep everyone inspired.

8. Okay, That’s Gotta Hurt

Philip Gertsson is the dopest. His flow and incredible technique are mesmerizing, and the guy is just getting better and better with time. Here he highlights his variation of the Dragon Stall by stalling on the inside of his foot rather than the sole and popping it to the outside of the foot. What in the, is he even human?

7. Freestyle/Ground Moves Combo

Bola favorite Alexander Mendoza brings out a fun little combo with Arturo Ruiz to combine the two sports. It’s always great to see freestylers and ground movers innovate together.

6. 100% Fuego

I watched this clip non-stop over 100 times in a row … without blinking. Okay, that might be a tiny exaggeration, but this is one of the freshest ground moves video that has dropped in a while. It features Yofi Yvorra in different locations around London. The scenery is incredible, but the footwork is impeccable. Enjoy.

5. Thanks for Keeping the Gate Open

Belgium is rich with ballers and Manny is definitely one to highlight. His profile showcases a plethora of videos with slick ground moves and pannas. This week, he was able to pull off a panna during full-speed ground moves. When you’re up against this kind of talent, you gotta keep those gates closed!

4. Rainy Day Freestyle

Another baller who is always fun to watch is Indi Cowie. This short footage is merely a preview for the full video that will be coming out shortly. Indi makes the ball look like it’s glued to her. The ATW she throws out of the stall is just the cherry on top. Oh, did I mention she fixes her hair in the act? Talk about effortless …

3. Get it in the Hoop

Nothing gets ballers fired up like a dirty nutmeg. This panna in particular really will make you jump out of your chair in shock, plus there’s some ground moves, a flick-up into arm hoop, with a rabona meg to top things off. Too dirty.

Give some love for this HIPster panna!! #pannahouse Credit: @0ocypro0

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2. The Daily Tricky

Croatian baller Rafael Spajic keeps it cool with his slick and steezy style. Calm, effortless, and with perfect execution, he shows us one of his his combos with a crazy akka variation to finish.

1. With Flavor

Known on the street as Hiro-K, this Japanese baller is repping with his incredible talent as both a freestyler and a street baller. In this ground moves combo, it’s hard to tell if Hiro is dancing or balling … or both? He definitely spices things up with some groovy moves and unique flow. We’re calling it now, keep your eye out for this one!

Thanks for watching our Top 10 Tekkers for this week. Stay tuned until next week for more of the best online videos!

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