Top 10 Tekkers of the Week: Bencok, Doest, and Some Freestyle in Heels

This week’s top street football, futsal, and freestyle tekkers are here! We got a little something of everything, starting with a bit of California love …

10. Groove and Move 

Nothing like some smooth freestyling to smooth jams on a sunny California day. That’s how West Coast does!

9. London’s Mystery Man

Could this Phil Collins-esque mystery lady’s man be England’s new number 10?

8. The Old Fake Shoe Tie Penalty 

Gotcha! What’s really surprising is that Luis Suarez hasn’t tried this prank yet! LOL.

7. Smooth Operator 

Pro street footballer Rafael Spajic, who recently captained the Croatian team in the World Street 3s, shows off his silky ground skills.

6. Panna KO

There’s nothing better than an embarrassing panna, especially when it’s done by a Street King!

5. Panna with Flare

But nobody pulls off nutmegs quite like the 2016 WSF panna champion! Plus check out the skills before the panna—easy, man!

4. Panna, Chopped and Screwed

The slow motion replay on this video really separates it from the rest. Bencok in the house!

3. Walk Walk Fashion Baby

Juggling in high heels has got to be one of the most difficult things of all time, right?

2. Dutch Dopeness

Sick move by @laurafreestyle_ Remember to share your ⚽ videos with us for a possible feature ?

A video posted by #yoursoccermoments ? (@your_soccer_moments) on

That moment when you finally land that crossover + AHTATW, and your mate goes bananas. Even crazier, this Dutch freestyler is only 16 years old!

1. Fantastic Futsal Finish

#Futsal #Golazo ??? tag friends

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A finish as fine as this one is worthy of our top tekker of the week. This finish not only took precision and composure, it’s just a pure baller way of ending a match!

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