Top 10 Tekkers to Ring in February

It’s that time of the week again. Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and enjoy this week’s Top 10 Tekkers, just in time to ring in the new month.

10. Keepie Uppie King 2027

??? Better skills than… (tag them below!) #skills #tekkers #control #touch #wow #dcfreestyle #beastskills

A video posted by Daniel Cutting (@dcfreestyle) on

If the future is uncertain, we can still rest assure that the game of football is in good hands. I’m going to go on a whim here and say that this isn’t the last we’ll see from this kid. Future freestyler?

9. Too Much Sauce

L.A.-based Bola team members Arturo Ruiz and Michael aka fs_michael10 show off some smooth ground moves. Not to take away from their technique, but I feel like everything looks better when Future’s “Too Much Sauce” is playing in the background.

8. Target Practice with the Assassins

Daniel Gildea of GPS Soccer Assassins teams up with Mo Ali of IT10 Soccer to make this creative video showcasing killer accuracy. This is so on point it’s near ninja status.

7. Next-Level Bottle Flip

Sometimes you don’t even need a ball. Freestyle superstars Tobias Becs and PWG collaborate on this insane take on bottle flipping freestyle.

6. Footbag Fun

Footbag inspiration ! Love to create and try diferent things ? @s3society_official Thanks @freestyle_smiles

A video posted by andreas (@andreascetkovic) on

Whether you call it hacky sack or footbag, you can’t deny that this is dope. S3 Society’s Andreas Cetovic teams up with footbag champion Paloma Mayo.

5. Smooooth Operator

⚽️ • • • ?: Call On Me by @starleymusic

A video posted by Indi Cowie (@indicowie) on

Indi Cowie pulls this off so effortlessly she makes it look easy. I tried to do it. It’s not.

4. Stuntin at Its Finest

#no #chill ?

A video posted by Sickest football skills⚡️?? (@wtfskills) on

Pettiness, disrespect, whatever you want to call it, it is on full blast in this clip. After hitting the defender with a nasty panna, dude just kicks it out of bounds. This is like staring down a guy you just dunked on but times it by 1000. I’m pretty sure the rules say that the defender has to become his butler now. Don’t quote me on that.

3. Akka-Awesome

Panna Vibrations!!! ??? RATE THIS AKKA PANNA 1-10! #jeanddoest #easyman #akka #panna

A video posted by King of Panna! ?⚽? (@jeanddoest) on

Two-time panna champion Jeand Doest demos a nasty akka-panna and his victim is so in awe he doesn’t even mind the utter humiliation lol.

2. Slight Work

Melody Donchet shows us why she’s in a class of her own. She gives us glimpse into her training routine, from stretching to a shoutout to her home country France’s handball team. That combo at the end though … *insert shocked emoji*

1. Who Needs To Stand

He may be at the top of his game right now, but Charly Iacono still wants to take his moves to the “next level.” The 2016 Red Bull Street Style Champion executes some absurd sit down moves with ease. Opponents beware.

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