Top 10 Tekkers: 3-Day Weekend Edition

Nothing gets the long weekend going like watching our favorite highlights of the latest and sickest tekkers. This week’s best tricks and innovative moves will no doubt add inspiration on how to spice up your game.

10. The Bedroom Warmup

Wake up, freestyle. Shower, freestyle. Eat, freestyle. Ah, the life. This clip shows you can really freestyle anywhere (and apparently this guy doesn’t mind slamming the walls of his bedroom either, so all is well). The combo is a strong blend of basic juggling moves using the heels, shins, and ending with a nice akka.

9. Three Knuckleballs

The knuckleball is definitely a new-school classic (is that an oxymoron?) when it comes to shooting techniques. And like the knuckleball, the motion of the ball doesn’t make much sense either. It literally flies in a rollercoaster motion after being kicked. Here’s a couple top bin shots to make us all smile.

My 3 top knuckleballs ???? which is your favorite??? Happy Valentine’s Day to our followers ❤️

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8. Liicht It Up!

When it comes to balling with style, Kristoffer Liicht is always a favorite. His smooth transitions are easy to admire, and the length of his combos are also very impressive, showing just how polished his touch really is. My favorite from this clip is when he traps the ball under his heel then flicks it back into a Hocus Pocus. See what else you can catch in the clip.

7. One Crazy Panna

The art of panna can be a beautiful blend of many different combos of ground moves. Martijn Debbaut, who is actually both a pro freestyler and panna player, has changed things up this week with a little dance in his game. The harsh reality is this will have to bring humiliation to one person in the world, and caught on video. It’s never fun to be the one getting megged, but it sure is fun to watch.

6. Keepin’ It Steezy

This clip brings chills. Seriously, this quick combo is so slick when executed correctly. Street king Edward van Gils never lets us down with exotic ground moves. In this clip, he uses both of his feet to complete a Sole V, then a flick-up to a two-foot akka. Perfection.

@edwardvangils_official with an outstanding piece of footwork. ?

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5. Peligro!

Caution: Do not try this at home, kids. Chaima is a skilled baller, and one of the very few who will dare to do these ground moves in sky-high wedges. Danger!

#losbarrenderos ⚽️

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4. Lowers Lovers

Caitlyn Schrepfer keeps people mesmerized with her fluent freestyle skills. This week she goes hard on the lowers mixing in a quick handstand to end the combo.

First lowers clip I’ve really been satisfied with in a while ? What do you guys think?

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3. Next-Level Freestyle

Soufiane Bencok is one of the most innovative freestylers in the game, and his originality plays a big part in evolving the sport. Here, he adds new stalls, bounces, flicks, stands, and other crazy movements while the ball is in the air.

2. Our Type of 9 to 5

When you are passionate about balling, nothing can stop you from playing everywhere you go. Parents are constantly upset with kids for playing inside the house. Well in this case, it’s the boss that has to put up with some on-the-clock tekkers!

Почта России ??работаем красиво! #streetmadness #streetkings #почтароссии

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1. Ankle-Rolling Madness

This combo really speaks for itself. The anticipation and suspense make this a top tekker for the week. Keep an eye out on the stomach thrust he throws in there.

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