DJ Diveny Takes Us Around the World with His Freestyler’s Playlist

The beauty of freestyle football is it only requires one thing: a ball. DJ Diveny is one of the most unique freestylers in the game, and has followed his passion to some of the coolest locations in the world, including the glaciers of Iceland, the Red Rocks in Las Vegas, and breathtaking landscapes all across the States … with nothing but a ball.

The simple idea of being able to travel to the most gorgeous sceneries in the world with nothing but a ball proves how freestyler’s use their passion to pursue a dream.

DJ grew up on the East Coast in Washington, New Jersey. He played college soccer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, majoring in Astrophysics. His interest in playing on the big field slowly started to fade as he got more into juggling and freestyle. While practicing, DJ began breaking records and learning new tricks. Now he continues to improve his freestyle game while adventuring the world. Check out his rad Freestyler’s Playlist to keep motivated and inspired!

Gallant, “Weight in Gold”

Grace, “You Don’t Own Me” (Candyland remix)

Vanic, “Skinny Love”

Flume, “Sleepless”

Skrillex, “Cinema”

Kiiara, “Gold”

Black Sheep, “The Choice is Yours”

Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

Modestep, “Sunlight”

Desiigner, “Panda”

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