The Urban Pitch Podcast: MLS Kit Szn

Ramsey, Julio, and Brigitte discuss the best and worst 2023 MLS kits in the latest episode of the Urban Pitch Podcast!

We are days away from the 2023 MLS season, which can only mean one thing — new kits baby. Though we don’t get a pair of new shirts at the beginning of each season like many teams in Europe do, one new kit per club  — unless you’re Montreal (zero) or St. Louis City (two) — is enough to get us pretty hyped.

We have to give kudos to the league, as it clearly put a massive effort not only into designing the kits, but releasing them as well. A fully coordinated roll-out with out-of-the-box designs is lightyears away from the seemingly random drops of plain white shirts scattered throughout February that used to be the norm.

Naturally, the Urban Pitch Podcast crew was going to discuss all of the new drops, from the bangers to the duds. But that’s not all they have in store.

The Colorado Rapids were nice enough to send over a special gift package for the crew, and they unbox it as well as take a dive into the design behind the Rapids’ “New Day” kit.

You can watch the entire podcast on YouTube, or listen to the audio on streaming services including Apple and Spotify.

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