What Happens When You Mix Retired EPL’ers, Pro Futsalers, Street Ballers, and Ronaldinho? Premier Futsal League.

Premier Futsal League
The Premier Futsal League has recruited an impressive variety of talent, from the EPL to street football, in addition to professional futsalers, and kicked off earlier this month in India.

Premier Futsal. It’s here, possibly the most insane display of wide-ranging football talent in one league, and it’s all happening in India. That’s right, over the past couple of weeks, elite footballers, futsalers, and street ballers from 21 countries across 4 continents have faced off for the inaugural Premier Futsal League championship title. We’re talking the likes of Falcão, Garnier, and Giggs battling on the small-sided pitch, with Portugal’s famed Luis Figo heading the awe-inducing operation.

The action has been lightning quick, with plenty of tekkers one can only find in the futsal format. Brazil’s living legend Ronaldinho* has especially made an impressive mark, sinking goal after goal, and reassuring naysayers that yes, he is still the man.

If you’re lucky to be at one of the matches (there’s only two left before the final), you’ll not only witness the fast and furious nature of 5-a-side, but have the added bonus of seeing how full-field footballers stack up against the short-sided pros. Here’s a taste of the high-level, high-intensity affair. If this is any indication of the entertainment value of a futsal league, then we cannot wait for the U.S. PFL to launch in 2017.

*Ronaldinho recently announced he will be leaving Premier Futsal to return to Brazil as an ambassador for the para-olympics. He will be replaced by former Brazil captain Cafu.

To find out more about Premier Futsal, go to www.premierfutsal.com.

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