World Renowned Street Baller Breaks Down the Nike Soccer App ‘Zig-Zag’ Move

This week in our Nike App review series, Kristoffer Liicht of Copenhagen Panna House fame and college baller Yasmyn Andrade give a real-world treatment to the Nike FootballX Skills Zig-Zag move. Comprised of two distinct street moves combined into one devastating trick, the Zig-Zag consists of a behind-the-leg ball pause followed by an akka or elastico.

This move is definitely not for the rookie still trying to find his groove. For this episode, we employed the services of Liicht whose street ball conquests are littered with victims of his insane skill, and he has an aptitude for breaking down world-class moves in an easy to understand way. (Which doesn’t mean these moves are easy to master). What do you think of his assessment?

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